Shakur Stevenson Wants Gervonta Davis, Prograis Has Dig At Haney’s Undisputed Status

November 15, 2023
4 months

Shakur Stevenson remains hopeful that he will be able to fight Gervonta Davis later down the line. 

The two fighters remain unbeaten in their quest to dominate the lightweight division. Stevenson is currently preparing to face Frank De Los Santos on November 16th, 2023, for the vacant WBC title at 135 pounds after Devin Haney was stripped.

This was following his decision to move up to junior welterweight. Meanwhile, Davis is back in the gym following his release from prison.

The boxer was incarcerated after violating the terms of his house arrest, pertaining to a hit-and-run incident as Tank served the remainder of his sentence behind bars. Although Davis’ next fight cannot be expected to be Stevenson, Shakur is hopeful of facing him later down the line. 

Stevenson Wants Tank

“There’s a million fighters that don’t want to get in the ring with me. It’s very stressful because this is what I do for a living.  #1 is Tank. Me and Tank is the best fight. There is one fight that needs to happen in boxing. I’m not Tank. He’s the pay-per-view star. I can’t throw no offers to Tank. Who am I to throw an offer to the biggest star in boxing? What am I going to offer him? It doesn’t make sense.

“That would have to be on their part on their team to do that.  I want to do that. I would love that. I  think that’s the biggest fight in boxing skills-wise. I want to prove to the world who I truly am. You could name five fighters, but all those other dudes don’t matter. There’s just one fighter that I want to fight when it comes down to it,” Shakur stated 

Stevenson On The Haney Family

That was not the only fighter that Stevenson mentioned. He also discussed his back-and-forth with Devin Haney and his father Bill Haney. Bill then posted a video over a sparring session involving Shakur and Devin.

In the video, Shakur states: “I’m tired.” The implication was that Haney had gotten the better of Shakur. However, Stevenson has now hit back at those claims by requesting that Bill release the full sparring video. 

“Tell them [the Haney’s] to post the actual video of the sparring. They got the video. Tell them to post the sparring, and y’all will see what happened in the sparring. I was playing around with that man. This dude [Haney] came close to losing his last fight [against Vasily Lomaachenko]. How do you know that he’s not going to take an L [against Regis Prograis]? If he takes an L, then then the fight goes down. If he fights Regis right now and Regis beats him. What happens with me and Devin as a fight? Nobody wants to see it,” Shakur said 

Prograis Mocks Haney

In contrast, Regis Prograis had a small dig at Devin Haney as he questioned the concept of undisputed in the sport. The current status describes a boxer who holds all the belts in the four-belt era, having cleaned up the division.

Haney managed to do such a thing at lightweight when he defeated George Kambosos Jr. in Australia. And in doing so, Haney became the youngest ever fighter to have done this.

Thereafter, there were two successful defenses, one against Kambosos and another against Vasiliy Lomachenko. Thereafter, Haney moved up to 140 as he targets a potential fight with Prograis for the latter’s WBC belt. Although that may be the case, Prograis did question the level of opposition that he faced. 

“That undisputed sh!t really don’t matter, bro. There’s a lot of people that been undisputed. Devin is f—— undisputed, bro, [against Kambosos]. That’s the thing. He’s the youngest undisputed champion ever. It depend on who you beat to be undisputed. It’s not about being undisputed and sh!t like that. I don’t care about undisputed,” Prograis said 

Those comments may resonate with some as Haney did not fight the best in the division. And when he did face the biggest test of his career against Loma, the majority of the boxing community felt he lost, despite his unanimous-decision win.

Meanwhile, the failure to face Shakur Stevenson and Gervonta Davis has left question marks over who is the best fighter amongst that current crop. And yet, fighters can only beat those who are put in front of them. And there is no denying that.

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