Jake Paul Vs. Mike Tyson Ticket Prices Slashed

May 19, 2024
1 month
Jake Paul Vs. Mike Tyson Ticket Prices Slashed

The ticket prices for Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson have dropped significantly, raising doubts about the demand. 

Paul will face Tyson on July 20 in a professional boxing fight. There was much criticism over the decision to make it a pro-fight. They will fight eight rounds, each lasting two minutes, in 14-ounce gloves. Tyson will enter the fight as a 58-year-old against Paul, who is 28. Tyson has taken big steps to come out victorious.

He has begun eating raw meat, changing from a vegan diet. His routine also consists of training three times a day, banning sex and weed, as well as using hypnosis. Paul has bulked up significantly for this fight, going up to 240 pounds before he will lose some weight. Tyson and Paul have had to shut down claims that the fight is scripted. And yet, people may not be convinced. The top-tier ticket prices have been reduced from $8,000 to $5,522. The lowest-priced ones have dropped from $575 to $129. 

Paul Vs. Tyson

“With tickets now officially on sale for the Mike Tyson/Jake Paul fight at AT&T Stadium in Arlington on July 20, Gametime is reporting that prices have seen a huge drop since last week. Currently, the lowest-priced seats on Gametime are $129 each [including all taxes and fees], down from $575 last week. Top-priced seats have dropped to $5,522, down from over $8,000 each last week. All seats can be seen at Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson Tickets on Gametime,” a Gametime representative said

Paul and Tyson are hoping to sell out the 80,000 Dallas Cowboys Stadium. Canelo Alvarez tried to do this when he fought Billy Joe Saunders in 2021. The official attendance was 73,126. But since the fight happened during the pandemic, it would have likely sold out during a normal fight week. Paul and Tyson are also reportedly set to earn over $20 million each for this fight.


A large part of that income will be generated from the ticket sales. However, the price drop suggests they may struggle to compete with big events. Jaron Ennis and Shakur Stevenson also fight in that month. Paul will have some competition from other events, especially since there are questions over whether this will be competitive. But if you fancy an exclusive seat, it will cost you millions. 

“The $2million experience is anchored by two ringside apron seats (owner’s seats) that have never been offered in boxing before, as well as four first row floor seats, and four second row floor seats for the event. The fight night experience includes an exclusive stadium arrival experience, security and escort during the night. It includes a pre-fight in locker room photo with each of Jake Paul and Mike Tyson, gloves signed by both fighters, a private green room with a top shelf open bar and all-inclusive food menu, and a post-fight in-ring photo opportunity for the group,” MVP statement


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