Mike Tyson Laughs In Jake Paul’s Face; Sends Him A Chilling Warning – ‘His Life Depends On It’

May 14, 2024
2 weeks
Mike Tyson Laughs In Jake Paul's Face; Sends Him A Chilling Warning - 'His Life Depends On It'

Mike Tyson warned Jake Paul that his life will be on the line when they face off on July 20. 

The comments were made during their first presser in Harlem, New York, from The Apollo. It has been sanctioned as a professional fight, with eight rounds, lasting two minutes each. They will wear 14-ounce gloves, with a decision going on their records. Tyson has resorted to extreme measures for this fight. He is training three times a day, eating raw meat and has imposed a ban on sex and weed. He is also using hypnosis to give himself a mental edge in this fight. 


He does face a hungry Paul, who has plenty to prove. Since his loss to Tommy Fury, he has beaten two professional boxers. First-round KO wins over Andre August, and Ryan Bourland secured him in this fight. He will be bulking up to over 200 pounds. There are question marks over whether his power and speed can carry that weight.

In chief support, Katie Taylor faces Amanda Serrano in their rematch. Taylor won the first fight via a split decision. Taylor enters the fight as a two-weight undisputed champion at 135 and 140, having beaten Chantelle Cameron in her last bout. Serrano remains undefeated since that Taylor loss. Her last fight was a win over Danilo Ramos. She was on course to fight Nina Meinke in March. However, she pulled out with an eye injury. Coming into the fight, the fighters had plenty to say. 

Paul vs. Tyson

“I really like Jake a lot but once he’s in that ring he has to fight like his life depends on it, because it will be. The people who said that wish they were up here. Because no one else can do it. Who else can do this? Who else can shut the sporting world down, no one else can do it. So you got the both of us. We’re friends, but in that ring we’re not going to be friends. It was a no-brainer. He was the new up and coming guy on the scene and I like shaking the sports world to it’s core and I’m doing it now. It’s just something I want to do,” Tyson

“Age doesn’t matter, age is just a number. He’s a killer, he’s a warrior, he’s been doing this his whole entire life. So it’s second nature to him. I’ve been doing this for four years. I know it’s going to be tough, I know I’m going to have to fight through adversity, I know I might even go to the canvas.  I’m scared, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not about the fear stopping me, it’s about going into it even though I am scared and that’s what true bravery is,” Paul

There are safety concerns over this fight. Tyson will be 58 when they face off, while Paul is considerably younger at 28. It was initially suggested that it was going to be an exhibition. That created the perception that both fighters would dance around the ring, similar to a sparring session. However, at Tyson’s request, it was changed to a pro-fight. Tyson has not had a professional fight since losing to Kevin McBride in 2006. But rather than getting fazed at the challenge, he was ready for the smoke. 

“I go on the Instagram comments, and I see them saying, ‘If Jake wins this fight, it’s rigged,’ because of how incredible he looks. Age doesn’t matter. Age is just a number. He’s a killer and a warrior. He’s been doing this whole entire life, so it’s second nature to him. I’ve been doing this for four years, and I’ve been doing this at a super high level,” Tyson stated


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