Edwin De Los Santos Slams Frank Martin And Isaac Cruz For Ducking Shakur

November 15, 2023
6 months

Edwin De Los Santos has branded Frank Martin and Isaac Cruz as cowards for not fighting Shakur Stevenson

De Los Santos and Stevenson are set to face each other on November 16th, 2023, for the vacant WBC belt at 135. However, prior to this happening, Shakur was linked with bouts against Cruz and Martin.

Cruz had allegedly told Stevenson’s team that he was not interested in the fight.

Shakur On Cruz

“Pitbull wrote me on Instagram, ‘Let’s make the fight happen.’ So if I’m willing to make these fights happen and these dudes are not, y’all right to call them ducks. You’re right to say they’re running. You’re right to get on them. I’m not ducking no smoke. I’m not saying no to no fights. Pay me rightfully so what I’m supposed to be paid, and I’m getting in the ring to fight.

“The little puppy ‘Pitbull,’ whatever you want to call. He’s scared. He don’t want no confrontation. The WBC trying to force some of them to fight. I’m standing right there waiting for someone to say yes,” Shakur

De Los Santos On Shakur

Meanwhile, the Martin appeared to have agreed terms only to then pull out at the last minute. In the aftermath, Shakur revealed that Martin wanted 50-50 or he would walk away.

And since Martin has never won a world title, unlike Shakur who is a two-weight-division champion, that was seen as a way to avoid the fight. 

In response, this is what De Los Santos had to say: “@shakurstevenson Since these two cowards @frankmartin.2016 and @isaacpitbullcruz refuse to fight the best, I guess is up to us to get it popping.”


The decision by Martin and Cruz did come as a surprise. A win over Shakur would have given both fighters their first-ever world title. That would have allowed the pair to secure the biggest fights and earn mega paydays in the process.

And at a time when the division will be wide open now that Haney has moved up to 140, the move may come back to haunt them.

After all, there is no guarantee that another title shot will emerge. And if De Los Santos does come out victorious, then it will be a chance missed. 

Nevertheless, there could be strategic reasons behind not taking the fights. It is no secret that Cruz is interest in taking a rematch with Gervonta Davis.

And given his impressive performance in the first fight, where he managed to last the distance, a defeat to Shakur could damage the chances of that fight happening. After all, facing Tank would secure him another mega payday.

Meanwhile, for Martin, he knows that his undefeated record would be on the line. And given that this is a major tool in negotiations, the risk may simply have been too much. Time will tell if those decisions turn out to be correct.

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