KSI Mocks Jake Paul For Fighting Mike Tyson – ‘Tyson Is 57’

March 14, 2024
2 months
KSI Mocks Jake Paul For Fighting Mike Tyson - 'Tyson Is 57'

KSI has criticized Jake Paul for fighting Mike Tyson.

The Problem Child announced he was facing the former Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the World on July 20. The fight has received a mixed reaction, given the age difference. Paul is 27 years old and is having the best performances of his career.

After suffering his first loss against Tommy Fury, a professional boxer, he has bounced back with three wins in a row. Victories over Nate Diaz, Andre August and Ryan Bourland have silenced his critics. The wins over August and Bourland were first-round knockouts against professional boxers.

But his decision to fight Tyson has not gone down well. The fight does not help him become a world champion. There is also a risk that Tyson will suffer harm, given that he is 57. But KSI ultimately felt that Paul would get no credit. A victory means beating an older man but losing could damage his career.

KSI On Paul

“I just feel Jake’s legacy will be, ‘He can knock out old people. [And] I think it’s super sad. I don’t know why Jake took it. It’s a lose-lose. If he knocks out Mike Tyson, and he’s beaten an OAP. Old age pension. He’s 57. Mike Tyson is 57-years-old. Yes, in his prime, this would have been crazy, but now, it’s just sad.

“There’s going to be so many people watching. Millions and millions. Everyone is going to know him as a guy that knocked out an old Mike Tyson. I don’t think he’s [Jake] is going to knock him out. But imagine if he gets knocked out by Mike Tyson. That would suck. That’s where it’s a lose-lose,” KSI said 

Logan Paul Reacts

However, the fight could help Paul expand his brand further. It will likely draw in the casual boxing fanbase, which is vital in becoming a PPV star. Paul has already shown that he can sell big events. His fight with Tommy Fury sold over 850,000 PPVs, while the Nate Diaz fight did 450,000.

Tyson’s last boxing fight was against Roy Jones Jr. in 2020. It was an exhibition that ended in a draw. But the bout sold over a million PPVs, showing Tyson could still command a huge audience. Before Jake took the fight, Logan Paul had the chance to face Tyson. Logan alleged he only turned it down since Tyson was a much older man, making no sense for him to face the boxing legend.

“For both Mike and Jake, the bag, at what point, I don’t know if you can say no. I said no to fighting Mike Tyson, I was offered it. Yeah, I was offered it. But not on Netflix, and not for a big ass bag. It was just a ‘Oh this could be a real fight’ [conversation]. I’ve been asked before, ‘Do you think you can beat Mike Tyson?’ and my answer is, and will be, yes. Yes [I can beat him now, not in his prime] I think he’s just too old bro. That’s crazy, he’s senile,” Logan said 



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