Wayne Rooney’s Leaked Texts Show He Wanted KSI In The Ring

February 28, 2024
2 months

KSI has leaked text messages showing Manchester United Legend Wayne Rooney demanding a boxing match. 

Rooney is one of the greatest footballers England has ever seen. He has titles ranging from the Premier League to the Champions League. He ended his career as the club’s top scorer with a staggering 251 goals. In doing so, he outdid the club’s other legend, Sir Bobby Charlton.

Since then, Rooney’s career outside of playing football has been far less successful. In his last management job for Birmingham City, he was sacked this year as he left the team near relegation. But he has been linked with a boxing fight, as KSI’s messages showed he was serious about it. 

KSI On Rooney

“I hope he doesn’t get annoyed that I said this, but Wayne Rooney hit me up being like, ‘oh, we should fight,’ and I said no I just don’t want to do that. [And] I don’t know, if Wayne Rooney is down of course I think it would be good to have him in the [influencer boxing] space. I know Wayne Bridge is another person that’s been interested in the [influencer boxing] space,” KSI stated 

“Alright, I’ve got it, 5th of December, 2022 at 3.50am. (Rooney text), ‘Hi mate, what you think on me and you having a boxing fight. I think we could generate a lot of money. You up for it.’ “No question mark, just full stop. He’s not asking! (The text continues), ‘We could sell out stadium with right support and both make good money,” KSI said 

Rooney Reacts

Rooney’s only boxing experience had shown him sparring with former teammate Phil Bardsley. The sparring did not go down very well, as Rooney hit the floor following a jab. Moreover, the footballer has had a slight change of heart since the KSI message. Rooney still intends to get back into management, showing he does not want to leave things on a bad note.

“Obviously, Misifts have been in, and that’s been all over the news or whatever, but listen, I want to focus on getting back into management. That’s my focus. I’ve seen all [the headlines] over the last couple of days, but my main focus is getting back into football,” Rooney stated 

Nevertheless, there is still a desire to see that happen. Eddie Hearn has spoken about his interest in putting on the fight. The Matchroom Boxing promoter backed Rooney to give Jake Paul a good fight, who began fighting non-pro boxers before changing his outlook towards much tougher opposition.

At this moment, nothing indicates that Paul would fight Rooney. He is coming off his first win against a professional boxer, stopping Andre August in the first round. The Problem Child will also take on Ryan Bourland, a former Golden Gloves winner, on March 2nd. And yet, Hearn was still keen on seeing it happen. 

“He won’t mind me saying but after every big fight, especially with a YouTuber, sometimes Rooney will fire me a message. That was in the living room after about eight bottles of red. Wayne Rooney had a very limited amateur pedigree but could still fight. Wayne Rooney training, and I said to him, ‘Imagine the shape you could get in as well. You’ll get right back into shape.’ Against Jake Paul at Old Trafford,” Hearn said 



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