Logan Paul Turned Down The Mike Tyson Fight – ‘He’s Just Too Old, He’s Senile’

March 13, 2024
3 months
Logan Paul Turned Down The Mike Tyson Fight - 'He’s Just Too Old, He’s Senile'

Logan Paul rejected the chance to face Mike Tyson before his brother, Jake Paul, took the fight.

Paul faces Tyson from the AT&T Stadium in Dallas, which will air on Netflix. This is the first time that the platform will show a boxing bout, which shows the magnitude of the fight. But the bout has received criticism from some of the biggest names in sports. Golden Boy promoter Oscar De La Hoya felt the fight did not help Paul’s ambition to become a world champion.

“Jake Paul, you say you want to be a world champion, you say you want to take this sport seriously – then take it seriously. What is this? This is not a popularity contest. I’m actually praising Jake Paul for taking this [sport] seriously, because I really feel that if he fights the right fights and takes the right path to that world title, he can actually get there. I’m not sure – because it’s up to him if he can win it – but he can get there. But he’s not going to get there through Mike Tyson,” De La Hoya stated 

Eddie Hearn also stated that the bout would harm boxing’s hardcore fanbase. But it appears that Logan could have taken the bout before he turned it down. 

Logan Paul Reacts

“For both Mike and Jake, the bag, at what point, I don’t know if you can say no. I said no to fighting Mike Tyson, I was offered it. Yeah, I was offered it. But not on Netflix, and not for a big ass bag. It was just a ‘Oh this could be a real fight’ [conversation]. I’ve been asked before, ‘Do you think you can beat Mike Tyson?’ and my answer is, and will be, yes. Yes [I can beat him now, not in his prime] I think he’s just too old bro. That’s crazy, he’s senile,” Logan said 

But Jake Paul denied that was the case.

Yet, there are concerns that the fight will not happen. Reports indicate that Tyson may struggle to get the fight sanctioned as a professional boxing bout. As per the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR), it must decide if the 57-year-old is fit enough to fight. Tyson last fought in Texas in 1985, when he beat Eddie Richardson. His last bout was an exhibition bout against Roy Jones Jr. in 2020.

Will It Happen?

But given that Tyson does use cannabis, this is a hurdle that must be navigated. The Texas Athletic Commission has banned the use of cannabis. The TDLR punishes any athlete who has more than 50 ng/ml of THC in their system. So Tyson must comply with those rules if the fight does go ahead. But so far, there are doubts it will happen. 

“Not to be Mr. Buzzkill or anything, but it seems strangely overlooked that Mike Tyson was knocked out back-to-back in the last two of his pro career. Knocked out by average at best fighters, and that was about twenty years ago,” the Nevada Hall of Fame founder Rich Marotta, said



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