Ryan Garcia Demands Respect From Jake Paul – ‘I Am The Greatest Of All Time’

March 13, 2024
2 months
Ryan Garcia Demands Respect From Jake Paul - 'I Am The Greatest Of All Time'

Ryan Garcia demanded that Jake Paul respect him before his fight with Devin Haney on April 20. 

Garcia faces Haney in a bid to win his WBC Junior Welterweight Title. A win gives Garcia his first-ever world title, ending criticism of his boxing skills. But the build-up to the fight has been clouded by concerns over Garcia’s mental health.

The boxer revealed he was ‘high as f**k’ during a Live Space interaction with a fan. Garcia then clarified those comments, saying he smokes and drinks weed. His social media activity also raised alarm, as the boxer has been posting about various topics, including aliens and human trafficking.

Garcia’s ex-wife demanded that fans pray for him. Since then, Garcia has called out Jake Paul for a fight, especially since the Problem Child backed Haney to come out victorious on April 20. Now, Garcia has called on Paul to give him his respect as he backs himself to beat Haney. 

Garcia vs Paul

Jake Paul: “Honestly, I’m worried for you with Devin.” 

Ryan: “Devin has pillow hands, you know that.” 

Jake: “Not at 140.” 

Ryan: “Literally, he dropped Regis and didn’t do s***. You have a killer instinct and are stronger than Devin. So, why am I worried about Devin?” 

Jake: “Regardless of power, that’s not his best attribute necessarily.” 

Ryan: “You just said he had power at 140.”

Jake: “I still think he does, but that’s not his best asset. His best asset is his technique, and skills pay the bill, and he has the best jab in boxing right now.”

Ryan: “So, when I out-jab him, what are you going to say then? What will be your first statement when I knock him out?” 

Jake: “I would be, ‘Well, I was wrong,’ but I’m not afraid to be wrong.” 

Ryan: “Can we agree on the Tweets that you’re going to put out right when I knock him out?” 

Jake: “I’m not afraid to be wrong.” 

Ryan: “Me neither. I just want to know what Tweets are you going to put out. What will you say? Can we agree on something? And I’ll agree on what I’ll Tweet if I lose.” 

Jake: “I’ll Tweet, ‘Respect, I was wrong.” 

Ryan: “No, it’s got to be something better. ‘Ryan is the greatest of all time, and he can beat my a** and everyone else’s a**. Let’s not f*** with him no more.’ If you say that, I’m cool.” 

Jake: “And then I’ll put you as my profile picture, but you have to do the same. If you lose to Devin, you have to say, ‘Jake, I was wrong. You’re my profile picture now.’” 

Garcia’s Career

Garcia has no excuses coming into this fight. Unlike his fight with Gervonta Davis, this fight is not a catchweight. They will face off at 140 pounds without any rehydration clause in place. There is also a rematch clause, meaning the winner takes it all.

If Garcia were to come up short, there would be question marks over his preparation. There are suggestions that he is struggling with his mental health. This is the same factor that made Garcia take two years off from the sport after beating Jake Paul. But he can banish those memories if he beats Haney come fight night.



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