Tim Bradley Slams Canelo For Ducking Benavidez – ‘Stand Up, There’s Something Called Mexican Pride’

March 28, 2024
4 months
Tim Bradley Slams Canelo For Ducking Benavidez - 'Stand Up, There’s Something Called Mexican Pride'

Tim Bradley has criticized Canelo Alvarez for not fighting David Benavidez

Alvarez faces Jamie Munguia on May 4 in a defense of his Undisputed Super Middleweight Title. However, the fight has been dominated by the failure to face Benavidez. Canelo demanded $150-200 million to make the bout, and Benavidez responded by urging Turki Alalshikh to make the fight. Saudi Arabia favors Benavidez to face the winner of Dmitry Bivol vs Artur Beterbiev, putting the onus on Canelo to make the fight. 

“You know he he brings he bring nothing to the table for me; just he brings just 25 pounds more in the night the the fight…but if he if if some promoter, not him, because he’s nothing to offer me…but I one promoter who I work to they come and say I offer to I offer to you 150 to 200 million. I fight tomorrow…that’s the only that’s the only reason I fight with him,” Canelo said 

“Canelo, if I have nothing to offer, then why are you demanding that you get 150-200 million to fight someone who isn’t worth anything? Hopefully, after you make that 150 million, you have enough left over to buy a pair of nuts,” Benavidez stated

Canelo Reacts

Floyd Mayweather has backed Canelo, saying the Mexican has nothing to prove. Alvarez is a four-division champion, and he could simply be delaying the fight to get a bigger purse. Mayweather did something similar, finally facing Manny Pacquaio in 2015 for over $300 million.

But the failure to face Benavidez may tarnish his legacy. Canelo’s kick-off presser for the Munguia showed that. Munguia received much more support from the crowd. That could continue if he comes up short against Munguia. And yet, Canelo was more concerned about what Mayweather had to say about him than about the negative reactions from those outside the sport. 

“I feel happy because he knows everything. That was coming from him, who has been and done everything, so I feel special. I feel good. I’m here to make history, and that’s it, and I’m going to continue to do it,” Canelo said 

Despite this being the case, Bradley made his position clear. For Canelo to be considered the best of his era, he must beat Benavidez, a fully-fledged Mexican 168-pounder. The Mexican Monster has been waiting patiently in his mandatory position as the WBC Super Middleweight Interim Champion. The WBC has not called the mandatory, nor have they stripped Canelo. Bradley felt it was time for Canelo to take the initiative.

Bradley Responds

“Obviously, Canelo’s not willing to face [Benavidez]. Those guys … there’s something called Mexican pride. When you have someone calling your name – like growing up in the ‘hood and somebody new to the area terrorizing it – you’re supposed to be that guy to hold it down. [Benavidez] is calling your name, and you don’t show up? You don’t do anything about it?

“When is Canelo going to answer that call? It’s his duty – him being [Latino] and him being challenged by another [Latino]. He’s supposed to answer that call. No matter what. I don’t care about the business [or] anything else. If you have pride in yourself and you believe in yourself … you’ve got another man doing the same thing you are, but he’s calling your name. You gotta stand up, man. When are you going to stand up and actually show the people what they need to see?” Bradley stated


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