Is Devin Haney Retiring After The Garcia Loss? – ‘His Jaw Is In Bad Shape’

April 24, 2024
1 month
Is Devin Haney Retiring After The Garcia Loss? - 'His Jaw Is In Bad Shape'

Devin Haney will take a break from boxing following his stoppage loss against Ryan Garcia

That is according to the boxer’s father, Bill Haney. Haney was dropped three times in a one-sided fight as he suffered his first career loss. While he will remain the WBC Junior Welterweight Champion because Garcia failed to make weight, his stock has reduced massively, raising question marks over where he goes next. Haney’s commercial value has fallen, making it more difficult to secure the big fights. 

That title is no longer seen as a bargaining chip because Garcia is the lineal champion. There are also reports that Haney had broken his jaw, something which he denied. However, given the manner of the defeat, there are worries that Haney will not be able to compete in the weight class against the other big hitters. Isaac Cruz and Subriel Matias are some of the other champions in the division who are considered big punches. With so many question marks over where he would go next, Bill confirmed that his son would take a break.

Haney Reacts

“Devin is taking a break. We’re going to keep working until he gets back, and I’m sure we’ll be making an announcement,” Bill said

Taking a break is the logical thing to do. The boxer will be suspended by the commissions to allow himself to heal. That will also give Haney time to plan out his next steps. He is currently in line to face his WBC mandatory Sandor Martin. Before he lost to Garcia, that mandatory fight would not do big numbers. He does not have the most exciting style, nor does Martin, but now that fight is less appealing, raising questions over whether Haney should vacate the belt.

If he vacates the belt, he could avoid that mandatory obligation and try to secure another big fine. Haney may become more appealing because he is now seen as a beaten fighter. The break also allows him a chance to sharpen up his skills. During the Garcia defeat, he abandoned his defensive style, boxing and moving skills while using his job, which had won him rounds two to five.

Haney’s Future

While that may be the case, there is also a fear that Haney’s name is no longer relevant. Garcia has already ruled out a rematch, targeting a fight with Gervonta Davis. Haney also has no long-term contract with any promoter since he fights on a fight-by-fight basis. This does give him the flexibility to move around. However, he may have to reduce the terms on which he fights since he is less of a draw. Oscar De La Hoya, however, backed Haney to bounce back. He and Garcia backed Haney to beat Gervonta Davis, showing he still has a future. 

“Will Haney be back? Absolutely. He’s a great fighter. I have a lot of respect for his family. It was Ryan’s night and we should give him all the credit in the world. I think he [referee Harvey Dock] had a very interesting night. “One judge had it a draw, which is mind-boggling. The referee, he could have done a better job. He could have been neutral instead of Ryan fighting two people inside the ring,” De La Hoya stated 


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