Fans Worry Over Fury’s Latest Physique – ‘Looks Like Jello, Usyk By KO’

April 28, 2024
3 weeks
Fans Worry Over Fury's Latest Physique

Fans have expressed worry over Tyson Fury’s latest physique as the boxer appears to have put on weight. 

Fury faces Oleksandr Usyk on May 18 for the Undisputed Heavyweight Championship. The winner becomes boxing’s first undisputed champion since Lennox Lewis in 1999 when he defeated Evander Holyfield. Both boxers have had their training camps disrupted. They were meant to box on December 23 last year. Fury said he would not be ready after getting past a tough Francis Ngannou fight. The rescheduled date was for February 17.

Once again, Fury withdrew after sustaining a cut over his right eye in sparring. Now, both boxers must pay a $10 million fine if they pull out. It is understandable, then, that the two fighters will have to avoid overtraining. Fury was looking a lot learner compared to the Ngannou fight after suggestions he did not train properly for the former UFC Heavyweight Champion.

Although Fury denied those claims, the loss of weight post-Ngannou suggested otherwise. However, his latest training footage shows Fury has put on weight. In the clip, Fury can be seen shadowboxing. It may give an insight into Fury’s tactics. The Gypsy King could either be playing mind games or showing fans that he will use his weight on Usyk to overpower the Ukrainian. Fury is on record saying he will overpower the middleweight. The WBC Heavyweight Champion felt that his size would be too much for Usyk, who did come up from cruiserweight.

Fury’s Physique

“When the cruiserweights step up to the big boys, usually they get found wanting… you can beat the average big ones but you can’t beat the elite big ones because size really matters. We have weight divisions for a reason and he’s going to be found wanting when he fights me on May 18. If Tyson Fury can’t beat Usyk, Tyson’s no good, end of. I’m not going to pull any punches, it is what it is. This is my time, my destiny, my era and my generation. Fact,” Fury said 

However, Fury’s resume shows that he does not do well against smaller boxers. His toughest test was against Steve Cunningham, who was a cruiserweight. Cunningham dropped Fury to the canvas with a big overhand right. Although Fury did manage to get up and walk down his opponent before stopping him, it could be a sign of something to watch out for in the Usyk fight. Cunningham has backed Usyk to come out on top, saying he was too skilful for Fury. 

“I think Usyk can beat Fury for two specific reasons. The first is Usyk’s ability, his skill-set, it’s unmatched. He’s got quirky movements; he’s awkward. He thinks different in there, he takes angles. He’s the highest level of boxing that we see right now. He can land shots on Fury that can cause considerable frustration for Fury. The second reason is his team, his management. He’s managed by Egis [Klimas]. They’re powerhouses in Europe and around the world. Egis has a solid foundational career with moving fighters and protecting them,” Cunningham stated 


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