Canelo Could Still Fight Benavidez After Munguia – Says Stephen Espinoza

March 25, 2024
2 months
Canelo Could Still Fight Benavidez After Munguia - Says Stephen Espinoza

Canelo Alvarez could still face David Benavidez after the Jaime Munguia fight.

That is according to Stephen Espinoza. Canelo has been accused of avoiding the Mexican Monster, who has been the WBC Super Middleweight Interim Champion for over two years. However, the two camps have not gotten a deal over the line. Each side has blamed each other.

Benavidez’s camp claimed they agreed to take $5 million to make the fight. Canelo’s team denied suggestions that there were any offers for the fight. Alvarez demanded $150-200 million to make the fight. Benavidez hit back at the Mexican with the perception that Canelo was pricing himself out of the bout.

“You know he he brings he bring nothing to the table for me; just he brings just 25 pounds more in the night the the fight…but if he if if some promoter, not him, because he’s nothing to offer me…but I one promoter who I work to they come and say I offer to I offer to you 150 to 200 million. I fight tomorrow…that’s the only that’s the only reason I fight with him,” Canelo said 

“Canelo, if I have nothing to offer, then why are you demanding that you get 150-200 million to fight someone who isn’t worth anything? Hopefully, after you make that 150 million, you have enough left over to buy a pair of nuts,” Benavidez stated

Espinoza Reacts

Benavidez then requested that Turki Alalshikh put up the funds to make the bout. But it seems that Saudi Arabia wants to make Benavidez face the winner of Dmitry Bivol vs Artur Beterbiev. Espinoza still felt the fight could be made since Mexican Independence Day is coming up in September.

“I wouldn’t say he’s never going to fight David Benavidez. I don’t believe that. I still have faith that he’s very much considering that. That’s how I would be too. Everybody knows it’s there, and everybody knows how attractive it is. Right now, no one is talking about it or thinking about it. He’s [Canelo] got a fight to do on May 4th, but a week or two later, we’ll start figuring it out. So, at that point, I think Benavidez will be very much in the conversation,” Espinoza said

Ellerbe Responds

Leonard Ellerbe has defended Canelo, stating that team Benavidez has not helped themselves by disrespecting Canelo. Alvarez made that point when asked why he had chosen to face Munguia. Munguia expressed how grateful he was for being allowed to face Canelo. The Mexican Monster, in contrast, has created the perception that Canelo is ducking him. Since Canelo is the biggest star in boxing, Ellerbe was clear that he had the right to call the shots.

“When a guy that is at Canelo’s level, and he’s at the highest level of boxing, you’ve got to find a way to get him in the ring. Disrespecting him, nobody is going to put any pressure on him. He doesn’t care what you think, and I don’t blame him. Does Canelo Need Benavidez? Here is a man who has made hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars. He’s fought everybody. When you look at Benavidez, he kind of needs him and not the other way around. You got to know how to play the game,” Ellerbe revealed


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