Devin Haney Puts Floyd Mayweather In His Place – ‘Miserable Old Man

March 2, 2024
2 months
Devin Haney Puts Floyd Mayweather In His Place - 'Miserable Old Man

Devin Haney has slammed Floyd Mayweather for helping to leak the sparring footage between him and Gervonta Davis.

The footage was leaked by Ryan Garcia, who alleged he had seen the footage showing Haney being stopped by Davis. Ryan confirmed Mayweather had shown it to him as Garcia and Haney exchanged verbals in their pre-fight build-up.

Garcia backed up his words with the footage, which showed Davis dominating Haney by backing him up. Despite this, Haney responded by stating it had been edited. The footage did not show Haney landing anything of note, and now The Dream has slammed Mayweather for his conduct.

Haney On Mayweather

“Floyd has been hating a long time. This ain’t just starting. I held my tongue for years because I respect the greats of the sport. But dude is a bonafide hater that doesn’t wanna see nobody win if he’s not a part of it! I know he sent Ryan the sparring [footage] … I know he gave Ryan those ‘pimp’ comments to say [at the press conference]. Miserable old man tried to [originally] stop the fight. Alhamdulillah I’m happy he revealed himself to the world,” Haney said 

Their war of words also intensified after Bill Haney suggested Haney had made Mayweather retire. The comments were about Mayweather’s build-up for the Conor McGregor fight. Mayweather and Haney did some sparring, with Bill claiming his son had gotten the best of Mayweather. So much so that he requested the footage be released, saying his son had scored a clean sweep.

Bill On Mayweather

“It was a one-sided situation. As I said, it was six rounds, and it was 6-0. Floyd Mayweather gave us the opportunity to share the ring, something that he hasn’t done with Gervonta. I got to live in the truth. I didn’t bring it up [Haney getting the better of Mayweather sparring] until he started showing sparring footage. The Question of Authenticity “So, I said, ‘Tell him if he’s showing that one, show the one that means a lot to us.’ The one that the world would like to see. 6-0 Devin, 0 Mayweather. 

“Ryan says he saw the tape, but he wasn’t interested in seeing Dev stop him. Do you people really want to see it or are you playing? No mas. “He quit in the dog house. That’s the only way you’re going to have sparring. Dog house rules. How you going to win some money if one don’t stop. Of course, we don’t have any judges. It’s the person that stops. Tank stopped himself. Nobody is going to go in there and stop Tank,” Bill Haney stated 

Haney and Mayweather had been on course to work together outside of the boxing gym. The Dream has been in the boxer’s company, sharpening his skills. Mayweather recalled conversations over him signing with PBC.

That never happened, as Gervonta Davis secured the huge fight with Ryan Garcia first. While Haney is now in that position, his relationship with team Mayweather has broken down. But it may set the narrative for a big Tank Davis fight, given the bad blood between the two parties.

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