Mike Tyson Resorts To Eating Raw Meat To Beat Jake Paul – ‘Jake’s Finished’

May 10, 2024
2 weeks
Mike Tyson Resorts To Eating Raw Meat

Mike Tyson is taking every step to get himself ready for the Jake Paul fight. 

Tyson enters the ring for his first pro fight since losing to Kevin McBride on July 20. His competitive action was a 2020 exhibition against Roy Jones Jr. They will fight in a pro bout, wearing 14-ounce gloves. It is an eight-rounder, which will consist of two-minute rounds. Tyson will be 58 when the fight happens, raising concerns it is a danger. Paul is much younger at 28 and has fought much more recently. Since December, he has stopped Andre August and Ryan Bourland in his last two fights. Paul is also preparing to bulk up to 240 pounds to get himself ready for this bout. 

“It’s weird to me that I’m weighing 230. But since this was noodling after my last fight I’m just getting to eat as much as possible and it turns out my body carries this weight super well. And I’m only growing. I think I’ll get up to 240 and probably cut down so I’m like way faster.

“But if I’m training for this camp – and camp hasn’t started – but if I’m training in this camp at 240 and then I cut down to 220 it’s basically like I had a 20lbs weight vest on for the whole entire camp. So my muscles are going to be so much stronger and that speed will come through,” Paul said

Tyson has responded by banning sex and weed. He is also training three times a day. His latest step is eating raw meat to give him the extra edge. This is a major shift from Tyson’s usual diet. He has been on a vegan diet to help him lose weight since retiring from boxing.

“I’m going to have to eat it now because my opponent’s going to be raw meat,” Tyson said

Elsewhere, Mike Perry rejected the chance to fight on the Paul-Tyson card. Since leaving the UFC in 2021, Perry has reinvented himself in BKFC. He is undefeated, with a 5-0 record, making him the face of the promotion. The decision to leave the UFC was based on the desire to secure bigger paydays.

His whole UFC career earned him $1.3 million. But with just two of his fights in BKFC, Perry earned  $1.7m for fighting Eddie Alvarez and Thiago Alves. Perry had the chance to fight on a big undercard since Paul vs. Tyson will air on Netflix. He was offered the chance to box Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. While the name was attractive, the purse did not satisfy his demands. 

“There were some things on the table with that, and the pay wasn’t incredible, especially considering the opponent. I was like oh, I’m interested in being on the Mike Tyson Netflix card to get that exposure against this, certified, professional boxer.

“But the money and there was another option that would be and I could only choose one of them.It was like, there was another option to have more money, and possibly opens more doors, and there’s some incentives involved that I was like, this would be more interesting.  That [fight with Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.] would’ve been cool, but [it’s not happening],” Perry stated


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