Fury Vs. Usyk Rematch In Doubt – ‘It’s Hard For Him To Digest, The Referee Saved Tyson’

May 20, 2024
4 weeks
Fury Vs. Usyk Rematch In Doubt - 'It's Hard For Him To Digest, The Referee Saved Tyson'

Frank Warren has doubts that Tyson Fury will rematch Oleksandr Usyk

Usyk was dominant to become the first Undisputed Heavyweight Champion since Lennox Lewis, beating Fury via a split decision. While the scorecards were close, in truth, Usyk put on a clinical display. He almost stopped Fury in round nine, only for the referee to give a debatable standing eight count.

The count was also criticized for being slower than usual. In his post-fight comments, Fury maintained his belief he had done enough to win. He then wished the fans a ‘Happy New Year,’ showing signs of a possible concussion. While Fury expressed his desire to run things back, Warren made it clear that there is no guarantee for the rematch. 

Warren Reacts

“We are commited because there’s a contract signed. However, Tyson has got to want to do it, and Usyk has got to want to do it. If one of them says, ‘I’ve had enough that could be the case. That would be their choice. He can as a champion and say, ‘I’m retiring. I’m not saying he would but he has an option,” Warren said

Another defeat to Usyk would lower the expectation to see a Fury fight against Anthony Joshua. The perception was that if Fury had beaten Usyk, there would have been a greater push to make Fury against Joshua. Now, a rematch with Usyk will take precedence. But there is no guarantee that Usyk will take the fight. He has spoken about his desire to potentially fight at cruiserweight again. That is his natural weight and the weight class where he first became undisputed.

He also has nothing else to prove in the sport, having won numerous titles at the amateur level, been an Olympic Gold medalist, and is now undisputed at cruiserweight and heavyweight. Fury did not give Wladimir Klitschko a rematch once he had beaten him in 2015. Fury was also disrespectful in his comments after the loss to Usyk, saying the Ukrainian was only given the decision because of his country’s war with Ukraine. Johnny Nelson doubts that Fury will take the rematch, feeling he cannot afford to lose again. 

Nelson Reacts

“He said he thought he won. I don’t really think he believes that. I know there’s a rematch clause. [And] I really don’t think that’ll happen. How will Tyson be able to get his head around that, especially when he looks at round nine when he looks at his performance?

“I don’t think he will [take the rematch with Usyk]. I think everybody around him will because there’s a lot of money involved. [And] I think this will make Tyson seriously consider walking away from this game. He’s a wealthy man. This will be “hard for him to digest to get his head around to accept. I think the referee saved Tyson from a knockout,” Nelson stated

Fury has earned a reported $100 from the Usyk deal, securing his financial future. While he has spoken about potentially becoming a billionaire, which would require him to continue fighting further, Fury’s motivation may not be there. The belts could become vacated if the IBF calls a mandatory, requiring Usyk to defend them. If he vacates, any Fury-Usyk rematch will not be for undisputed. So, would Fury want to go through the fight without legacy on the line?


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