The Best Betting Options for KnuckleMania IV

April 25, 2024
4 weeks

The Peacock Theater in Los Angeles, California, is primed for an enthralling night of bare-knuckle boxing as Mike Perry, Mick Terrill and Crystal Pittman lined up to make KnuckleMania IV a stacked card from BKFC. So, how can you benefit from the fights? We’ve picked out the best betting selections throughout the card so that you might feel a bit of a financial uplift.

Injury Stopped Main Event?

The main event at KnuckleMania IV is a fight that could top most cards in the sport as two of BKFC’s undefeated fighters, Mike Perry and Thiago Alves, go head to head. The two were supposed to fight at UFC Fight Night 116, but the Brazilian pulled out due to logistical complications. Despite both sticking with the UFC for lengthy tenures, the fight was never re-booked, which upset MMA news websites.

The result is too close to call on paper. Mike Perry has amassed an exceptional 4-0 in the BKFC while not far behind on 2-0. The two combatants embody blood and thunder in the promotion with long, vicious streaks. The method of victory market should not be overlooked here. Perry’s last two fights ended with his opponent unable to continue, while Alves won his previous fight by the doctor calling it. This fight won’t go far and could be stopped due to an injury.

Terrill and Hunt Ends by KO

The co-main on the card could go down as one of the biggest slugfests in BKFC history. Mick Terrill and Lorenzo Hunt have shown a penchant for finishing their fights early, with KO finishes galore. The fighting pride of Tyne and Wear, Terrill is defending his BKFC heavyweight championship, having won it at BKFC 56. Hunt has an impressive stop rate, having won three of his last four fights by landing KO blows to his opponent. The smart money is another KO win. Those wanting to back a specific fighter to win by KO should err on the challenger’s side, given his impressive win streak and fanfare celebrated by bare-knuckle boxing news sites and fans.

Back Experienced Rothwell

KnuckleMania IV certainly doesn’t lack star power as it puts together yet another pairing of former UFC fighters in the Ben Rothwell against Todd Duffee match. This fight was supposed to take place in December at BKFC 56, but Rothwell had to withdraw due to illness, meaning that Duffee had to wait for his bare-knuckle debut.

Bettors looking at this fight should consider that Rothwell is an experienced bare-knuckle fighter despite that ailment. He’s been winning fights in this ruleset and is undefeated in the discipline. Duffee’s last professional fight win came back at UFC 181 almost a decade ago. The only profitable result would be wagering on a Rothwell victory in this fight.

Boxer and Wrestler Collide

One of the most exciting fights at KnuckleMania IV is the collision between Alfredo Angulo and Jeremiah Riggs. These two couldn’t have more contrasting styles; Angulo is making his bare-knuckle competition debut, having previously fought in professional boxing circuits with moderate success – once having fought Canelo Alvarez before he was a superstar! Riggs participated in the 2011 Tough Enough reality TV show as he tried to earn a WWE contract as a professional wrestler. While he never made it to the main roster, he made numerous appearances at Florida Championship Wrestling, the former WWE development brand.

Angulo hasn’t fought in a few years, while Riggs has been active but has only amassed a 2-2 record in the BKFC. It’s tough to predict how these chalk and cheese fighters will culminate in the ring, which in turn could make it difficult for the judges to score. If available, the method of victory selection could be a split decision or even a draw.

Pittman and Smith Will Go the Distance

Fans of the female fighters in BKFC will appreciate Crystal Pittman’s efforts. Over the past few years, she’s always put up a fight and remained active, gaining a 2-3 overall record. She comes up against a former MMA combatant, Sydney Smith, who stands at 1-1 in the promotion. Both women have too much to lose in this fight, and their instincts might make them more defensive. Most of Pittman’s matches have ended with the final bell, while Smith has never been involved with a stoppage result. An ideal bet here is to select that the fight will last the allotted duration.

Can Kurdanov Cope at this Level?

Evgeny Kurdanov has been through the ranks, and then some, in bare-knuckle sports. The Russian has fought in many different promotions, many of which are not recognised by BKFC. His last bout of note came back in 2022, when he lost his BKFC debut, spurring the question, does he have enough quality to fight at this elite level of bare-knuckle fighting?

His opponent, Julian Lane, has also done the rounds in the discipline and others, having a very rich fight resume spanning MMA, boxing, and exhibition fights. He made his BKFC debut in November last year when he won after his opponent’s cut was too severe to continue. Those looking to cash in on this fight should look no further than a win for Lane.

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By Dean McHugh.