Jake Paul Tells Canelo – ‘Come See Me, Take Me Out’

May 6, 2024
3 weeks
Jake Paul Tells Canelo

Jake Paul called on Canelo Alvarez to fight him following his victory against Jaime Munguia.

Alvarez defended his Undisputed Super Middleweight Belt with a unanimous decision win. Alvarez weathered an early storm from Munguia to drop him in the fourth round. Once Munguia tasted Canelo’s power, he was never the same. His punches did not earn Canelo’s respect, who won a comfortable decision.

After the fight, Canelo was asked about his next steps. David Benavidez was mentioned as a possible opponent. Alvarez once again remained coy, saying he would fight Benavidez if the money was right. He also stated he would take some time off before deciding. While Paul is focused on fighting Mike Tyson on July 20, he has set his sights on facing Canelo later. 

Paul On Canelo

“Yeah I mean he’s got to come and talk with us. I’m going to get the cruiserweight belt, and Canelo can come and see me. I would probably have to cut to 170 if we were doing it for an actual belt. It would be a big, big cut but those are the sacrifices you’d have to make to be a champion. I think he would underestimate me and let me weigh whatever I want because he thinks he’ll take me out,” Paul said

Nevertheless, Canelo’s next opponent is likely to be Edgar Berlanga or Jermall Charlo. Reports indicate Berlanga is next in line after the boxer posted a cryptic message saying ‘September.’ There was a suggestion that Alvarez could fight him on Mexican Independence Day. Charlo also recently stated that he was fighting Canelo.

Charlo was linked with boxing Canelo before his brother Jermell Charlo took the fight. But Jermall’s problems with mental health meant the timing was not right. He had been out of the ring for over two years before he returned to beat Jose Benavidez Jr. But given that Jermell had been beaten comprehensively by Canelo, Jermall wants the opportunity to avenge his brother’s loss. 

Charlo On Canelo

“Imma fight Canelo… imma get my brother revenge in September. I’m going to get the revenge. I’m not enjoying this…no more. The money ain’t the issue. I got a birthday coming in a couple of days. I did enough. [And] I made history. Dealing with all kinds of cases of [being] bipolar, being by yourself, thinking that you shutting the world out is gonna help you.

“But you need to be able to speak to someone and help you get past whatever you’re going through. It just feels like everybody is against you. I don’t care if you’re in the Uber, a cab, wherever, everybody is just against you. [And] I couldn’t tell that some people weren’t against me. It was just that at the moment it’s the way you’re feeling and I turned my back against pretty much the world. [And] I just had to start getting help with it and it made me a lot better,” Charlo revealed


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