Tank Davis Exposes Eddie Hearn Following Ryan Garcia’s Failed Test

May 5, 2024
2 weeks
Tank Davis Exposes Eddie Hearn Following Ryan Garcia's Failed Test

Gervonta Davis slammed Eddie Hearn as he continued to defend Ryan Garcia

Garcia failed a VADA test, which showed the presence of Ostarine. Ostarine was found in his sample on April 19 and April 20, the day of the fight. Ostarine is known for cutting mass, increasing muscle and stamina. There are also reports that there was the presence of 19-norandrosterone. However, this requires further testing, with an official announcement still pending.

Since Davis boxed Garcia, who tested clean against him, Tank found it hard to believe. In the run-up to the Devin Haney fight, Garcia was clean until the last two days of the fight. Garcia maintains he is innocent, saying it has been a set-up. Davis has defended Garcia, implying that Eddie Hearn was to blame. 

Hearn’s Criticism

Davis called out Hearn’s response on his fighters failing tests. Conor Benn failed two VADA tests for Clomiphene. Benn was set to fight Chris Eubank Jr. at a catchweight of 157 pounds. The fight was called off. However, Hearn’s response was criticized. The fight was cancelled much later than the first failed test, with the suggestions Hearn still wanted the fight to go ahead. The Matchroom Promoter defended his conduct because he had to wait for the British Boxing Board of Control (BBBofC) to make a decision. Since they did not sanction the fight, it never happened. Hearn claimed he could not act before the BBBofC did. 

Hearn’s approach to Benn’s defense was also scrutinized. Benn first claimed it was contamination. However, this has not been proven. Hearn was also clear that Benn would not fight under another commission until Benn’s situation was cleared up. But this has not been the case. He has boxed Rodolfo Orozco and Peter Dobson in the US since his failed tests. Benn is banned from fighting in the UK until he clears his name with the Board.

Dillian Whyte, another fighter who was with Matchroom, tested positive for “trace amounts” of steroid metabolites for his fight with Oscar Rivas. That sample was taken a month before their fight. However, since UKAD decided that the amount in his system was not consistent with doping, the fight went ahead. Whyte would then pass VADA tests before and after that fight. But the fact that the fight went ahead got Hearn’s criticism, with Davis unhappy.

Davis On Hearn

“He a snake in the suit, that’s all. He let Conor Benn test positive and he was still going to let him fight. Dillian Whyte, after he tested positive? I didn’t even know that. He’s a snake, bro. He’s bad for business. Hearn Earns Tank’s Distrust Yes, if he’s off [substances]…No, because I can’t trust Eddie Hearn. You can’t at all. He’s a snake in a suit.]

“I’m backing Ryan because a lot of boxers are going at him. It took 72 hours for the tests to come out after the fight. Why didn’t it come out that Tuesday? They waited until the Canelo fight to push that he had something in his drug. Then when they pushed that, Devin was on ESPN that night promoting that. Ryan looked worse [against Haney than against Tank]. He was just a bigger person, much slower. If he [Ryan] was on something [steroids for Haney], he would have had brick hands, and everything would have been strong,” Davis stated


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