Wilder Says He Beats Usyk In An Easy Night’s Work

May 5, 2024
3 weeks
Wilder Says He Beats Usyk In An Easy Night's Work

Deontay Wilder says it would be an easy fight if he fought Oleksandr Usyk

Wilder’s comments were in response to the upcoming Undisputed Heavyweight Championship bout on May 18. The Bronze Bomber has already fought Fury three times, drawing one and losing the other two. While he failed to win any single bout, he came closest to giving Fury his first-career defeat. He almost knocked out Fury in their first fight, only for the Gyspy King to get off the canvas in the final round.

In their first fight, Wilder dropped Fury. However, the WBC Heavyweight Champion recovered to stop the American. When it comes to Usyk, he is an unknown challenge for Wilder. They have never fought, but there is a perception that the Ukrainian would outbox him. However, Wilder’s right hand is the equaliser. The Bronze Bomber felt he would get the better of Usyk. 

Wilder On Usyk

“I think the easiest night out of the two would be Oleksandr Usyk. To see his style or whatever, styles make fights and I think it would be easier with him as I’ve never fought him and we don’t know each other. Me and Fury we have fought many times so we know each other, it would be different. Fighting someone you haven’t fought before, you don’t know what surprises may happen and I base it off of that,” Wilder said 

However, it is essential to remember the following points. Usyk faced Anthony Joshua twice, sat in the pocket and took the Brit’s biggest shots. Joshua is more of a dangerous combination puncher than Wilder, who is simply known for his right hand. Joseph Parker also outboxed Wilder in his last fight. The American only won a single round. Usyk is regarded as having one of the best boxing IQs in the sport, making it even tougher for Wilder.

Wilder vs Usyk

But boxing has shown that styles make fights. Fury had a tough fight against Francis Ngannou, who was making his boxing debut. The former UFC Heavyweight Champion dropped Fury in the third round. While he lost a split decision, there was a perception he had been robbed. Wilder has previously accused Usyk of ducking him, increasing the Amercian’s belief that he would beat him. 

“I don’t think Usyk really cares. As long as he ain’t got to fight me. I don’t think he cares, as long as he don’t have to fight me, it’s all good, because that man is terrified of me He’s dodged me so many times and I know. And don’t act like I don’t know, I don’t want anyone to come out like, ‘Usyk said this and that.’ It would be a lie because I know a lot…I’m in the business, I know. He’s been offered a lot of money to fight me, many times. But he’s denied it. They said they do not want Bomb Squad problems,” Wilder stated

Wilder vs. Usyk could happen later down the line. However, it all depends on the Bronze Bomber beating Zhilei Zhang first on June 1.


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