Canelo Mocks Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson – ‘Loves Fighting Retired Citizens’

April 1, 2024
4 months
Canelo Mocks Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson - 'Loves Fighting Retired Citizens'

Canelo Alvarez has reacted to Jake Paul’s upcoming fight with Mike Tyson.

The two will square off on July 20 in what will be the first time that Netflix airs a fight. Heading into the fight, many unanswered questions have raised concerns. Reports indicate that it may not get sanctioned as a professional fight due to the following factors. The huge age gap may make it unsafe for a professional fight.

Tyson will be 58 once the fight happens, while Paul is 28. The three-decade age gap must also be read in light of the following. Paul is a much more active fighter, having beaten two professional boxers consecutively. He knocked out Andre August and Ryan Bourland in the first round, giving him the best wins of his career.

Tyson’s last fight was an exhibition against Roy Jones Jr. in 2020. Since then, Tyson has been spotted with a walking stick. There are also concerns over his marijuana usage, something which the Texas Commission have expressed. In response, Canelo had no time for the fight.

Canelo Reacts

“With Netflix being involved, yes, that’s good. But, not [interested] in that kind of fight. I think it’s more [of a] show than a fight,” Canelo said 

Nevertheless, the fight will no doubt generate a lot of interest. Paul and Tyson have shown they can put on mega-events. Jake’s fights with Tommy Fury and Nate Diaz did big PPV numbers. The Fury fight sold over 800,000 PPVs.

That was followed up by the Diaz fight, which sold 450,000 PPVs. Tyson has also shown he can generate a big following. His exhibition with Roy Jones Jr managed to generate over a million buys, showing Tyson is as popular as ever. As Paul prepares for the big event, he intends to make a statement.

Paul Reacts

“In all seriousness Mike, it is such an honour and I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to step in the ring with one of the two most famous people to step in the boxing ring. Not only will this be the biggest fight of my life.

“But I think this has the opportunity to change the history of boxing, and be one of the biggest events of the 21st century. It is the biggest moment of my career and the biggest challenge. Everyone has said, ‘Don’t get in the ring with Mike he is too hard of a puncher.’ That man is a beast, but I am not taking him lightly. July 20, I am hoping to make history and knock out Mike Tyson,” Paul said

After Tyson, Paul will undoubtedly turn his attention to getting Canelo in the ring. The Problem Child’s current goals are to eventually become a world champion and face Alvarez. Canelo has been dismissive of that fight throughout the years. However, he left the door open, stating that anything could happen in boxing. His current goal is to overcome Jamie Munguia on May 4. Alvarez faces the undefeated Mexican in a defense of his Undisputed Super Middleweight Title. If Paul and Canelo continue winning, who knows whether boxing fans will see that bout.


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