Usyk Is Winning The Mind Games Against Fury

May 17, 2024
2 months
How Usyk Is Winning The Mind Games With Tyson Fury?

Oleksandr Usyk is winning the battle of the mind games with Tyson Fury.

The boxer filed a complaint about the ring canvas ahead of his Undisputed Heavyweight Fight with Tyson Fury. The Undisputed Heavyweight Championship is on the line when both men face off on May 18. With just days away from the fight, team Usyk have raised a serious issue. The canvas is based on the same one that Usyk fought on when he beat Anthony Joshua in Saudi Arabia in 2021. According to Sky Sports, Usyk has complained about the ring mat.

The Complaint

The issue is with the seams that hold the ring in place. Filip Hrgovic and Zhilei Zhang were seen slipping on the mat during their fight on the Usyk-Joshua card, as both boxers spoke to the referee. While it will be investigated, it remains to be seen what the solution could be. Usyk looked relaxed in the open media workout when he showed off some of his skills.

Fury, however, did something similar when he faced Wladimir Klitschko in 2015, stating the mat was ‘too soft.’ Fury threatened to pull out. The fight went ahead, and he came out victorious. It is not clear if this is a case of mind games. Both boxers are known for getting into the head of their opponents. Fury managed to bamboozle Klitschko after dressing up as Batman and beating up The Joker in front of the Ukrainian in their presser. 

During a ‘Gloves Are Off’ edition, Fury also recalled how he outlasted Klitschko in the sauna. Klitschko tried his best to appear claim, saying he could not remember the story. However, Fury claimed he had a mental victory, knowing he could beat Klitschko. Fury would outbox Klitschko to a unanimous decision win, causing one of the biggest upsets ever. Usyk has already said that Fury’s mind games are not working. But Fury was adamant he had the upper hand. 

Fury vs. Usyk

“I’m living in his mind rent-free, for sure. People say, ‘You can’t get in his mind.’ I’m already in his mind. He thinks about me every time he gets up in the morning. Every time he closes his eyes, his heart beats out of his body, thinking about the Gypsy King. Every time he brushes his teeth or…[goes to the toilet] he thinks about me and my fat body, and he knows I’m coming for him. I’m in his mind rent-free; I’m living in his head,” Fury stated

But could this be Usyk’s own attempt? 

“I’m really intrigued, I was in that ring last night before anybody got in there and didn’t notice anything. Of course like every boxer, I was in the ring and did a bit of shadow boxing and didn’t notice anything. I’m really intrigued as to what it is all about.Could it be mind games? Possibly, but I doubt it. We’re in neutral territory here, there’s no advantage for Tyson or for Usyk,” Frazer Clarke revealed

The omens heading into the fight are also looking good. John Fury head butted a team member of Fury, only for the Fury to come off worse with blood pouring over his face. It became reminiscent of the cut Fury sustained in sparring and in the Otto Wallin fight. Usyk also admitted that he has been preparing for this fight for 22 years.

Fury spoke something similar when trying to become heavyweight champion as he beat Klitschko. It appears Usyk is doing everything he can to get under Fury’s skin; switching between Ukrainian and English to prevent Fury from getting into his head. During their face off for the final presser, Fury refused to look at Usyk. However, the Ukrainian looked at Fury dead in the eye, feeling he had the upper hand. Is Fury now facing someone who has got in his head?


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