Ryan Garcia Calls Devin Haney ‘A Fake, A Phony,’ Tells Bill Haney To ‘Start Praying For Devin’

February 10, 2024
5 months
Ryan Garcia Calls Devin Haney 'A Fake, A Phony,' Tells Bill Haney To 'Start Praying For Devin'

Ryan Garcia has slammed Devin Haney following the news of their fight set to go ahead on April 20.

The two boxers struck a deal after Garcia returned to the negotiation table following the collapse in talks over the Rolando Romero fight. Ryan had been on course to face Romero after he withdrew from negotiations with Haney. Things never went to plan as Romero signed a deal to face Isaac Cruz. That left Garcia short of options, making him pursue the Haney fight again. Now that he has agreed on a deal, Garcia had plenty to say to Haney.

Garcia On Devin

“These dudes try to make you super soft by smiling in your face and be super nice to you, and then stab you in the back when it’s time. I’m not going to let that happen. I see right through you. You’re a fake; you’re a phony. [And] you’re dad’s a phony, and everyone around you is a phony. I talked to him on the phone, and he was being extra nice. I caught that. ‘Calm down, we’re not friends, bro. Don’t try to soften me up. You’re a weirdo,” Garcia stated 

Garcia and Haney do have a history. They have faced each other six times in the amateurs. The current record stands at 3-3, making this the decisive fight to see who has progressed since then. The bout is only Garcia’s second fight with Derrick James, showing that he is taking risks despite the Gervonta Davis loss.

Ryan Garcia Calls Devin Haney 'A Fake, A Phony,' Tells Bill Haney To 'Start Praying For Devin'
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Garcia On Bill Haney

The Haney fight will also show how much Garcia has been impacted by the recent turbulence of his promotional situation. The failed Romero fight showed that things were not all that well with Golden Boy Promotions and Oscar De La Hoya. Both sides are in a legal battle after Garcia alleged that his contract had been breached. While De La Hoya is focused on keeping his fighter happy, he must secure those big fights. Now that the Haney fight has been made, Garcia has vowed to silence Devin’s camp, even his father, Bill Haney.

“Devin Haney needs to stop the pimping game. He’s pimping his own son. Tell him to f*** off,. Yes, that is right. I can’t wait for you guys to see. April 20th, buy your tickets. We’ll get into more of this when I have time to really digest the questions, but as of right now, start praying for Devin,” Garcia revealed 

To silence his critics, Garcia must back up those words and win his first world title. He had a similar mindset heading into the Tank Davis fight, only to blame the 136-pound catchweight and ten-pound rehydration clause. But if he does win Haney’s WBC Junior Welterweight Title, he will put himself in the conversation for a big unification fight. Now, the time is here for Garcia to deliver. Time will tell if he comes out on top.

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