Conor Benn’s Opponent Rodolfo Orozco Fails A VADA Test

November 23, 2023
3 months
Conor Benn's Opponent Rodolfo Orozco Fails A VADA Test

The Florida Boxing License Commission has reportedly suspended Rodolfo Orozco for a positive test that emerged after his fight with Conor Benn on September 24th, 2023.

Orozco’s Loss

The Mexican lost out to Benn via a unanimous decision. This was in a fight where he showed a lot of heart to hang in with the Brit despite being on the back foot. However, a VADA test had confirmed an adverse finding, which has now taken the shine off the performance. As a result, Orozco is prohibited from fighting in the US as long as the investigation continues. And yet, the boxer could fight in Mexico, given that their commissions would not be bound by such a ruling.

The news is also controversial in light of the fact that Benn had arrived into the Orozco fight with his own doping issues. The boxer had entered into the fight after having seen his suspension from UKAD being removed by the National Anti-Doping Agency. This was after Benn had failed two VADA tests for Clomiphene.

Although that may have been the case, reports indicate that the defense appears to be based on jurisdiction. Therefore, although Benn cannot fight in the UK, other jurisdictions, such as Florida were not bound by those rules. That allows Benn to box outside of the UK. However, in order for the fighter to do that in the UK, he would have to go through a hearing to clear his name.

Despite this being the case, a fight with Chris Eubank Jr. continues to be talked about. The pair were on course to face each other at a catchweight of 157 pounds before Benn’s failed tests. As a result, the British Boxing Board of Control refused to sanction the fight, which is why it was pulled. In the aftermath of that, however, both fighters fired verbal shots at each other. Since then, the bad blood has continued to rumble on.

Eubank Jr. And Benn

“You’ve got to understand that it’s now personal, do you know what I mean? Before it was just business, it is what it is, it’s become very personal. The way he conducted himself [after the failed drugs test], the way he was, the way he lied, the way he blackmailed me for £1 million, it don’t sit right with me. I’m not one for rubbing salts into peoples’ wounds, I never kick a man when he is down, as bad as I was. For me, it’s like cool, I see your make up, I know who you are, no problem. I’m not surprised that his Dad isn’t in his corner,” Benn said

“He can’t be the star that everyone was trying to build him up to be. When you fail drugs test, you take that aura away. My advice would be to lean into the bad boy thing. You control what goes into your system,” added Eubank Jr. “If you make the mistake, then you’re guilty. I’ve never made the mistake. You need to hope people will start to get back on your side. You’re going about it the wrong way if you’re playing the victim and trying to prove your innocence after four months,” Eubank Jr. stated

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