Eddie Hearn Reveals All On Conor Benn’s Future – ‘Benn Is Innocent’

November 15, 2023
6 months

Eddie Hearn has responded to the news that Conor Benn is currently presenting evidence of his findings that could prove his innocence following two failed tests for Clompehine. 

Benn’s failed tests have certainly divided the boxing community, given the response that has emerged. From the outset, Benn denied having the substance in his system despite the findings.

This was on the grounds that he alleged the testing system was not up to scratch. And it all came to a head when Benn did not acknowledge the WBC’s claim that elevated levels of egg consumption could have been the reason for this. 

Benn is presenting his case to UKAD and the British Boxing Board of Control in an effort to avoid a strict-liability ban.

As such, regardless of intention, a ban could take place. He was suspended by UKAD in March as an investigation continued. 

Reports suggest that he has sought the assistance of Rene Carayol MBE and Dr Mohammed Enayat to strengthen his defense.

Dr Enayat has come out to suggest that there is an issue of contamination which could throw another angle on the case. 

“Without a question of doubt we’ve proved it’s contamination, 100 per cent,” Enayat

And now Hearn has given his two cents on the matter by stating that Benn’s future could soon be cleared up. 

“All you need to make of the reading is that Matt Lawton is one of the most respected and probably dubious writers out there.

“He is clearly seen information and science that leads him to believe that Conor Benn is innocent, in my opinion, otherwise he wouldn’t have written a piece like that.

“So hold onto your hats and get ready, not long now, I’m not saying anything else, time to get Conor Benn’s career back on track,” Hearn

Regardless of the findings, Benn will have to deal with the public scrutiny that comes his way.

And given that it has taken the boxer this long to cooperate and present his evidence, it may take some time before the fighter is accepted back into the public realm.

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