Sean Strickland Gives Jake Paul A Death Threat After His Call Out – ‘If It Were Legal I’d Take Your F***ing Life’

February 10, 2024
2 weeks
Sean Strickland Gives Jake Paul A Death Threat After His Call Out - 'If It Were Legal I'd Take Your F***ing Life'

Sean Strickland responded to Jake Paul’s call out with a death threat, leaving the Problem Child stunned.

Both fighters verbally exchanged on social media after Paul reacted to some footage of Strickland sparring with influencer Sneako. Strickland is the former UFC Middleweight Champion, who is known for having an excellent jab, which earned him the belt against Israel Adesanya. While he lost out to Dricus du Plessis in his first defense, the UFC fighter could secure that rematch to avenge the loss. The following footage shows Strickland getting the better of Sneako, which should not come as a surprise. Sneako can be seen leaving the sparring session with a bloody nose.

In response, Paul accused Strickland of bullying non-pro fighters. 

Paul On Strickland

“Shawn Strickland you’re embarrassing for trying to stop sneako like that you weren’t even able to drop someone with no experience while going all out. You’re a horrid boxer that only picks on inexperienced people.. I’ll fly you to PR and we can fight on camera… if you win I’ll give you $1 million (half your net worth) But if you get dropped you have to get Betr tattooed on you. DM me. But just like paddy I’m guessing you’ll find a way to run, Paul said 

“I hate bullies. I was bullied and then was the bully sometimes in my YouTuber days. But now all my energy is focused on Boxing Bullies @Boxingbullies and helping the youth. But when I see someone like Strickland constantly bullying people, it’s time to bully back,” Paul added 

Paul is qualified to speak on boxing, having earned his first win against a professional boxer. He knocked out Andre August in the first round, ending doubts over whether he could secure a win against pro boxers. Strickland would not let things slide, as he had a few choice words to say about Paul. He responded by telling Paul that he would take his life if they ever went into combat, as things escalated very quickly.

Sean Strickland Gives Jake Paul A Death Threat After His Call Out - 'If It Were Legal I'd Take Your F***ing Life'
Credit UFC

Strickland On Paul

“Real talk… jokes aside.. Jake Paul is an utter f***ing joke….. You box small retired old mma fighters and you sell sugar water to kids.. If it were legal I’d take your f***ing life with a smile on my face. Is there any place on this earth [where] I can take this man’s life and walk?” Strickland revealed

“Actually Jake I’ll make you a better deal because money can’t buy happiness and you have plenty of it and youre still a cunt……. No cameras, me and you in a desert…. That would buy my happiness… No Instagram, no likes, no games…. Just you that’s what I want,” Strickland added 

As of now, it is unlikely that the pair will get in a ring anytime soon. But Paul and Strickland have set the narrative for a big fight moving forward. There is no getting away from that. Find all the latest boxing news and MMA breaking updates on