Jake Paul Vs. Ryan Bourland Set For March 2nd

January 30, 2024
5 months
Jake Paul Vs. Ryan Bourland Set For March 2nd

Jake Paul will fight the former Golden Gloves winner Ryan Bourland in his next bout. 

The bout is scheduled for March 2 on the Amanda Serrano vs. Nina Meinke event. It will serve as a co-main event attraction, allowing Paul to face another professional boxer. His first professional boxer was Tommy Fury. The Problem Child lost that bout, coming second best in a split decision.

He followed that up by fighting non-boxers, winning a unanimous decision over Nate Diaz. But his biggest win occurred in his last fight. Paul stopped Andre August in the first round to earn his first victory over a professional boxer. Now, it appears that he has a blueprint to follow. 

Paul Vs. Bourland

Bourland is a capable boxer himself. So far in his career, he has gained a 17-2. record. He is known for being an ex-Golden Gloves Champion and a National Junior Olympics boxer. His previous bout was in 2022, as he stopped Santario Martin. That extended his win streak to three in a row. But Bourland has only had one fight in six years, showing that his inactivity may come back to haunt him. 


“I’ve always said my goal is to become a world champion. I beat a pro boxer in December in the first round, someone who’s been boxing their entire life, and what did I do next? I went straight back to camp to get ready to face my next opponent, a professional boxer who has twice as many professional fights under his belt than I do. It’s a new year, it’s an even better me, and I’m facing an even more experienced, seasoned boxer,” Paul

“Jake Paul steps into the ring with his social media clout, but let’s not mistake followers for experience or skill. While he’s been busy chasing likes, I’ve been honing my craft for years, stepping into the ring and beating real boxers. On Saturday, March 2 I will shock the world and put an end to Jake Paul’s boxing career,” Bourland

Paul’s Aims

Nevertheless, Paul knows he cannot afford to come out second best. Bourland may be a pro boxer, but he is not a big name. If Paul desires to become a world champion, he can afford only a few slip-ups. His main advantage is his ability to sell out his fights, making him an attractive attraction for any fighter. As long as Paul maintains that, he will be able to command big fights and paydays. Based on his following comments, his aim is to prove his doubter wrong

“I’m fighting for experience, not for the money, and to show my love for this beautiful island I’ll be donating my entire fight purse from this event to my nonprofit Boxing Bullies to help renovate gyms across Puerto Rico,” Paul added

If Paul secures a win, he may secure that rematch with Tommy Fury, which has been his only loss. Based on his current record, he is on the right track to getting those big fights.

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