Ryan Garcia’s Social Media Deactivated After Israel-Palestine Posts

March 16, 2024
2 months
Ryan Garcia's Social Media Deactivated After Israel-Palestine Posts

Ryan Garcia’s social media accounts have been deactivated after he posted a video showing himself crying over the Israel-Palestine problem. 

The boxer is preparing to face Devin Haney on April 20 to win The Dream’s WBC Junior Welterweight Title. But much has been said about his mental health running up to the fight. Garcia has lashed out at Logan Paul and KSI’s PRIME drink, claiming it allegedly harms people.

The boxer has also posted about various topics, including Bohemian Grove and human trafficking. But his latest video showed him breaking down over the conflict. The footage shows Garcia in tears as he thinks about the war. He can be heard saying the following.

Garcia’s Posts


“Is this what you want from me to stop the killing. Wtf is wrong with yall. You got what you wanted FREE PALESTINE. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Posted by me,” Garcia said

Garcia For President

It is not clear if Garcia had removed the social media accounts himself or if they were deactivated. However, his behavior before this also showed a variety of other topics, including his desire to run for US President. The boxer said he would give each American citizen $1 million if he won office. Once again, Garcia’s actions appeared to take his focus away from the fight, indicating his preparation had been hampered.

“There will also be no secrets anymore with the American people’s No such thing as classified files You guys will know everything I got your back, you need to have mine Please help me become President Let’s God’s Will Be Done Not Mine #KingRyanAsPresident posted by team,” 

“Just bc your older don’t mean your smarter I’ve met a few dumb Grandpas no disrespect You got a dude with dementia in office now wtf not his fault but shouldn’t be running this country I’m offering Americans 1 million dollars Each this is a no brainer – posted by Team #KingRyanForPresident [Flag of the United States,” Garcia stated 

Garcia’s Future

But now that Garcia is off social media, it raises questions over whether he will make the fight. The boxer has previously been away from the sport for around two years with mental health struggles, showing that he has struggled with personal issues in the past. If Garcia were to pull out of the fight, there are concerns that he would not make a return.

Tyson Fury had shown just how difficult it was to bounce back from personal issues, having had mental health and alcohol problems. While the Gypsy King returned to win a world title, it did no doubt take a toll on his health. Garcia has maintained that he is not using any substances, only drinking and smoking weed. But he needs to ensure that his mental health is in a good place. Perhaps the period away from social media will allow the boxer to recollect his thoughts.

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