Matt Brown Retired After UFC 300 Snub

May 8, 2024
1 month
Matt Brown Retired After UFC 300 Snub

Matt Brown is no longer competing in MMA after he announced his retirement. 

Brown leaves at the age of 43, making him one of the most memorable fighters in the sport. He has a remarkable 13 KO wins, only one behind Derrik Lewis, who has the record with 14 stoppages. Brown’s last fight was ironically a KO victory against Court McGee last year. He had been linked with an appearance at UFC 300 against Jim Miller. The fight never happened, with UFC fans no longer being able to see him compete. 

Brown Retires

“Not doing it again. I’m out. That’s the announcement. My life will now be dedicated to serving others. Growing others in the martial arts and building businesses that can help the community and the world,” Brown said 

This naturally begs the question: Why did Brown retire? Well, at 43, it was clear that Brown was in the latter part of his career. His last fight showed he could still perform on the biggest stage. With Lewis’ record in sight, there were plenty of reasons to continue. However, in a sport where someone’s life can change with a serious injury, Brown felt the risks were not worth it in the end. The fighter revealed that the UFC 300 snub was enough for him to walk away. 

“The only thing I was really holding off for was I thought I was going to get on UFC 300 and fight Jim Miller, and I was going to use that for my sendoff. I was pretty dead set on that: I’m going to fight Jim Miller at UFC 300, this would be the most badass sendoff ever fighting such a legend like Jim Miller on the biggest card in UFC history, and they didn’t make it happen,” Brown stated 

Brown’s Reason

Nevertheless, that does not mean fans have seen the last of Brown. He has options outside of the UFC. He could join BKFC, which is a growing brand. Conor McGregor’s decision to buy a stake in the organization will only help its rise. Mike Perry has also shown that UFC fighters can reinvent themselves. Perry lost his last four fights before leaving the UFC. However, since joining BKFC, he has become the face of the promotion. He is undefeated with a 5-0 record, as he targets a bout with McGregor in bareknuckle. Brown felt there were many options for him outside of the UFC. 

“It’s not out of the question. I’ve talked a little bit with those people (at BKFC). It’s not completely out of the question. Bareknuckle doesn’t excite me a ton because it’s just boxing with the hands, which doesn’t excite me a ton. But obviously I’m not going to turn down a big payday. I wish there was like a muay Thai promotion that would pay that kind of money, like a ONE Championship or something. That’s what makes me fired up the most is muay Thai. That’s what I love doing the most. I wouldn’t say it’s completely out of the question,” Brown revealed


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