Ryan Garcia’s Home Gets Burgled After His Altercation With Devin Haney

February 11, 2024
5 months
Ryan Garcia’s Home Gets Burgled After His Altercation With Devin Haney

Ryan Garcia’s home was robbed on the weekend of the Super Bowl.

The news came shortly after Garcia had signed a deal to fight Devin Haney. As the pre-fight build began, the pair were spotted getting into an altercation at the Super Bowl media centre. Garcia pushed Haney, which resulted in the latter responding by going after Garcia. Security intervened to break up the melee after both fighters fired verbal shots at each other.

Garcia: “Your dad is a p**p, and he’s p***ing you. I’m gonna beat you! I’m gonna beat you! P****! You suck! Your dad can’t talk for you, your dad can’t save you.”

Haney: “I beat the s*** out of ‘Tank’. I’ll beat the s*** out of you.”

Now, Garcia has another incident to contend with. The boxer’s house was robbed while he was at the Super Bowl media center. The following footage shows two burglars running through Garcia’s house before exiting. Garcia’s team was in the house during the incident, which exacerbated things. It is unclear what was stolen, but the incident has shocked Garcia.

Garcia’s Robbery

“They Robbed us this morning!! Praise the Lord, we weren’t there. He protected me. I love you, God, thank you. But wow. I’m here just trying to enjoy Super Bowl Weekend, and they Got my team shook cause a part of them were there,” Ryan Garcia said

Garcia could have been forgiven for feeling shaken up by the incident, but the boxer still had time to advise his fellow boxer, Shakur Stevenson. Shakur recently announced his retirement to the shock of the boxing world. The announcement followed his poor performance against Edwin De Los Santos, during which he won the WBC Lightweight belt but was booed for his defensive style.

Garcia On Stevenson

Following that criticism, Shakur lost the chance to secure lucrative fights with Haney, Garcia and Gervonta Davis. Shakur has since then stated that he will return for the right fight. Garcia was one of Shakur’s critics of the De Los Santos fight, as he was vocal about it being a poor spectacle. Despite that being the case, Garcia has urged Stevenson to return stronger to secure those mega bouts.

“I’m trying to be as sincere even though shakur is pretty annoying – don’t retire, don’t let these things get to you. If it’s a publicity stunt well play your move. But if it’s not, a performance shouldnt stop your journey. You can come back look good and everything will be good. Please head up man,” Garcia stated 

Garcia and Stevenson are at a crossroads. Ryan is on the cusp of winning his first world title, while Shakur knows he has one fight left on Top Rank deal, meaning he is close to being a free agent. The next few months will prove crucial for both boxers’ careers. If they both continue winning, there is a chance that Garcia will face Shakur at some point.

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