Shakur Stevenson Trolls Teofimo Lopez After His Ortiz Win – ‘These Dudes Is Losing It’

February 10, 2024
2 weeks
Shakur Stevenson Trolls Teofimo Lopez After His Ortiz Win - 'These Dudes Is Losing It'

Shakur Stevenson has slammed Teofimo Lopez’s reaction following his controversial win over Jamaine Ortiz.

The Takeover defended his WBO Junior Welterweight Title in a unanimous decision win despite suggestions Ortiz had done enough to outbox Lopez. Ortiz did outland Lopez by two punches, but Lopez landed six more power punches, which was enough to get him a win. After the fight, Lopez doubled down on his victory and bashed Ortiz for not wanting to engage.

“I tried my best for the people. I even tried to box going backwards, and he didn’t want to commit. We cannot for one second claim these people, these fighters that don’t wanna come and fight, [are real fighters]. If you ain’t ready for this life, get the f*** out of my sport,” Lopez revealed 

Stevenson On Lopez

Shakur Stevenson Trolls Teofimo Lopez After His Ortiz Win - 'These Dudes Is Losing It'
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The challenger felt aggrieved that he was not given the decision, as the boxing community was divided over the outcome. Shakur has said that Lopez should have admitted he had not performed his best.

“Teo frustrated and he losing this fight. Yeah he prob would get robbed cause he clearly is winning this fight. For sure, this a business. They can’t f*** the money up.  Get bro off the mic man.. I’m telling y’all these dudes is losing it,” Stevenson stated

Stevenson is aware of responding following a bad performance, as he was booed over his Edwin De Los Santos win. Stevenson won the bout to get the WBC Lightweight Title, but his defensive style resulted in a poor spectacle, as he damaged his commercial value. In his post-fight comments, Stevenson refused to make any excuses. He vowed to come back stronger even if the news of his hand injury coming into the fight emerged.

Stevenson’s Own Bad Performace

“I really don’t care about (being three-division champion. I had a bad performance tonight, that’s all I’m really focused on. [And] I wasn’t feeling too good. I’ll live with it, it’s OK, I came here, got the victory, and that’s all I wanted to do. I just didn’t feel good.

“I didn’t feel good before the fight. Honestly, I already told myself, if I’m feeling like this in the ring and it’s not going well, I’ll make sure to box and get the victory. He’s got some punching power. He’s got good little defense and he’s a little tricky. He grabbed on the inside and stopped me from punching. He’s a good fighter,” Stevenson stated 

Lopez’s performance has damaged any hopes he had of facing Terence Crawford. The Takeover has called out Bud on numerous occasions, but that performance does nothing to indicate that Lopez would make it a competitive fight. But by retaining his title, he is still on course for a big unification. Devin Haney and Ryan Garcia have agreed to fight on April 20, with the winner in line to face Lopez. But if Teo wants a big payday, he must muster up better performances than that.

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