Shakur Stevenson Vs. Edwin De Los Santos Final Presser – Key Quotes

November 17, 2023
8 months

In the latest boxing news, Shakur Stevenson and Edwin De Los Santos faced off in a final press conference in the run-up to their fight on November 16th, 2023.

The WBC lightweight title will be on the line, as both fighters square off for the vacant title. A win for Stevenson would result in a world title in a third weight class in just his second fight at 135.

Meanwhile, De Los Santos knows that a win would upset the apple cart by giving him his first ever world title. Stevenson’s last fight was a sixth-round stoppage of Shuichiro Yoshino.

In contrast, De Los Santos has grabbed wins over Luis Acosta, Jose Valenzuela and Joseph Adorno since his sole loss to William Foster. And with the fight almost here, the fighters had plenty to say.


“This means the world to me. I’ve been grinding my whole life for these moments. I’m back in the same situation I was before, fighting for another vacant title. I’m just here to do what I got to do. I’m focused. I’m ready. Showtime on Thursday. My performance is based on how I feel. I’m performing for myself. I know that if I come in at my best, I will be hard to deal with for everybody. He’s a fighter. You can tell that he has a lot of heart. It may work against him on Thursday night. But I definitely respect the fact that he took the fight. This means a lot to me. I hope it’s a sold-out crowd. I want all the people to tune in. I’m focused and ready,” Stevenson

“Like I’ve always said, I’m not here to hesitate, I’m here to fight. As soon as we heard about the fight, we accepted the opportunity. This is something that is super exciting for me. All boxers dream of becoming a world champion. My family is very happy, and I know that with the help of God I am going to be victorious, and the win will change my life. On November 16, you will see an upset. Don’t be surprised,” De Los Santos

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