Ryan Garcia Has The Tools To Beat Devin Haney – ‘The Shoulder Roll Won’t Be There’

February 18, 2024
3 months
Ryan Garcia Has The Tools To Beat Devin Haney - 'The Shoulder Roll Won't Be There'

Ryan Garcia has the ability to beat Devin Haney.

That is according to Shawn Porter. The duo squared off on April 20 after months of negotiations. The fight initially broke down after Garcia decided to pursue a bout with Rolando Romero. But since Rolly decided to face Isaac Cruz, Haney vs Garcia is now on. They have faced each other six times in the amateur circuit. Their record stands at 3-3, showing that both men can get the best of each other.

While that may be the case, the professional game is a whole lot different. Haney has had the better career thus far, becoming the youngest undisputed champion in the four-belt era when he won all the belts at 135. Haney then beat Regis Progais in his first fight at 140 pounds to become a two-weight world champion.

Garcia, meanwhile, has not had a world title shot. This was his first win, but he lost in his biggest fight. Gervonta Davis stopped Ryan in the seventh round, and he then changed trainers and moved up to 140. The bout is a battle of contrasting styles, with Garcia’s power and speed against Haney’s boxing skills. Porter believes Garcia can get a win on his day.

Porter On Garcia

“He’s seen the speed; he’s tasted the power from Devin. I think he’s going to come to the ring comfortable against Devin and confident against Devin. He’s [Ryan] got Derrick James in his corner now. So, they’re working on fundamentals and basics.

“I don’t think that shoulder roll is going to be there. If it is, it’s going to be cleaned up. I think he’s coming into the ring prepared. It’s not 50-50. It’s 70-30, or 75-25 for Devin, but don’t be surprised if he’s [Ryan] able to push a button that we didn’t see him push before against Tank Davis,” Porter said 

Ryan Garcia Has The Tools To Beat Devin Haney - 'The Shoulder Roll Won't Be There'
Credit Cris EsquedaGolden Boy

Garcia On Lopez

Garcia is targeting a fight with Teofimo Lopez next, which would be huge if it is a unification. Lopez holds the WBO Junior Welterweight Belt, and Garcia could pick up the WBC from Haney. Lopez was reportedly offered $1.5 million to fight Garcia, which Oscar De La Hoya denied.

But there is enough of an incentive to make it for a unification. Lopez retired and came back after beating Josh Taylor, stating he only wanted to return for nine-figure paydays. A fight against Garcia would achieve that, as Ryan made $30 million against Tank Davis, who took home more than $50 million. Based on Ryan’s following words, he is ready to make it happen.

“After I beat Haney, I’d kind of like to fight Teofimo. I think that’s my next one. We’re going to break the Internet even more. We’re going to break the Internet even more,” Garcia stated 

Garcia will only have his second fight with Derrick James, showing that he still has plenty to develop in his game. A win against Haney could go a long way to doing that. 

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