Derrick James Backs Spence In The Crawford Rematch, Amir Khan Picks Bud Over Mayweather

November 15, 2023
5 months

In today’s boxing news, Derrick James has backed Errol Spence Jr. to be a lot better in the rematch with Terence Crawford if the bout does go ahead at 154 pounds.

After Crawford stopped Spence in spectacular fashion to become the first undisputed welterweight champion of the four belt era, there were question marks over whether the weight cut at welterweight had taken it out of Spence.

In the aftermath of the loss, the fighter made no excuses, but he did make it clear that his desire was to run things back at 154. And since Spence is a naturally big welterweight, a fight at junior middleweight may give the boxer more of a chance against Bud.

James backed up that perception by ruling out any claims that Spence would be drained at 154, showing his complete faith in the fighter to do better, by taking the loss on board.

James On Crawford-Spence

“He won’t be so drained. He won’t be so depleted. That wasn’t the issue. Crawford fought a good fight. He was the better guy that day,” James said

Nevertheless, the terms of the rematch still need to be agreed. As of now, Crawford holds the cards when it comes to the weight class after having won the first fight.

Although a fight at 154 may not do anything for Crawford’s legacy, given that there are no belts on the line, ultimately a fight at the weight class could serve as a good introduction to the super welterweight division. But as for the result, Crawford would be a favorite once again.

Khan On Crawford-Mayweather

Outside of the Spence fight, Amir Khan gave his take on how Crawford would perform against a prime Floyd Mayweather. Crawford may possess the better boxing accomplishments, given that he has managed to do something Mayweather never did.

That is to become undisputed, not in one weight class, but two to show that the boxer was the best of his division. Although that may be the case, Mayweather’s generational talent speaks for itself.

A defensive wizard who could arguably compete in any era performed when it mattered most by becoming a five-division champion. And yet, when it came to Khan, he could only see one winner.

“When I used to see [Crawford] spar I thought wow this guy was special. What a fight that would have been. I would have Crawford beating Mayweather. His IQ is just something else. When I fought him he was making me miss by an inch. I’d be getting frustrated, then he’d be hitting me with a shot that would get me angry and I’d be making mistakes. Say what you want, he’s one the best at 147, and it’s amazing I shared the ring with one of the best fighters in the 147 lbs division,” Khan stated

Nevertheless, those comments are based on the fact that Khan has shared a ring with Crawford. The same cannot be said when it came to Mayweather. But in reality, it is a bout that would have divided boxing fans.

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