Leaked Sparring Footage Shows Tank Davis Beating Haney – ‘He Quit In The Dog House’

March 1, 2024
3 months
Leaked Sparring Footage Shows Tank Davis Beating Haney - 'He Quit In The Dog House'

Ryan Garcia leaked sparring footage showing Gervonta Davis getting the better of Devin Haney.

The sparring is when Davis and Haney squared off in the Mayweather Boxing Gym under ‘dog house’ rules. The sparring would continue until one fighter quit. The narrative about the sparring has divided the boxing fanbase, given the differing accounts over it.

Adrien Broner recalls Davis hitting Haney so hard that he jumped into the ring to prevent a KO. Team Haney has a different account, saying Haney got the better of Davis and walked away with some money after winning a bet.

Garcia brought up the sparring in the build-up for the Haney fight, stating Floyd Mayweather had shown him footage of Haney getting knocked out. The following video, which Garcia leaked, has now been released.

Haney vs Davis

The clip shows Davis pummelling Haney around the ring as he dominates his opponent. But Haney is still upright in the ring, holding his own, showing that he was not stopped. The footage raises several question marks.

First, the sparring occurred when both fighters were a lot younger. Therefore, it cannot be used to judge who is the better fighter now. Secondly, the clip is edited because it shows Davis dominating Haney, whose highlights are nothing other than defending on the back foot.

In addition, it also raises question marks over whether they will ever fight. If the sparring showed this much action, then surely there is a narrative in the place to make a fight. Bill Haney has since responded to the clip, saying that he has footage showing Devin getting the better of Floyd Mayweather.

Bill has claimed that Mayweather retired shortly after sparring with Devin in preparation for the Conor McGregor fight. If Bill does decide to release this footage, it will increase the ante for creating a big Haney-Davis fight since Tank is aligned with PBC.

Haney vs Mayweather

“It was a one-sided situation. As I said, it was six rounds, and it was 6-0. Floyd Mayweather gave us the opportunity to share the ring, something that he hasn’t done with Gervonta. I got to live in the truth. I didn’t bring it up [Haney getting the better of Mayweather sparring] until he started showing sparring footage. The Question of Authenticity “So, I said, ‘Tell him if he’s showing that one, show the one that means a lot to us.’ The one that the world would like to see. 6-0 Devin, 0 Mayweather. 

“Ryan says he saw the tape, but he wasn’t interested in seeing Dev stop him. Do you people really want to see it or are you playing? No mas. “He quit in the dog house. That’s the only way you’re going to have sparring. Dog house rules. How you going to win some money if one don’t stop. Of course, we don’t have any judges. It’s the person that stops. Tank stopped himself. Nobody is going to go in there and stop Tank,” Bill Haney stated 


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