De La Hoya Concerned About Garcia’s Mental State After Duarte Presser Outburst

December 1, 2023
3 months
De La Hoya Concerned About Garcia's Mental State After Duarte Presser Outburst

Oscar De La Hoya has responded to Ryan Garcia’s criticism of him and Bernard Hopkins.

The boxer had initially responded to comments by Hopkins where he suggested that Garcia may not box again if he came out second best to Duarte. Those comments did not sit well with the fighter. He questioned whether Golden Boy had his backing, with Garcia citing it as ‘disrespectful behavior.’

Hopkins hit back by claiming that he was not in a position to tell fighters something that was not true. In doing so, Hopkins questioned whether Garcia deserved the preferential treatment he may be seeking. After all, the boxer had not proven himself at the highest level.

Hopkins Vs. Garcia

“Not treating him like a champion? s he a champion? He got a world [title] belt? Listen, we’re not in the business—and Oscar will repeat in his own way—we’re not in business of kissing fighter’s a**, telling them something that they’re not. Now I will promote a fight, but I will not promote a lie. I’mma say it again,” Hopkins revealed 

De La Hoya in response stated that Hopkin’s initial comments were taken out of context. This is something which Garcia rejected as he called out Hopkins during his pre-fight presser with Oscar Duarte

“One thing that’s been on my heart is the statements that Bernard made where he’ll decide if I’m going to finish or if I should continue boxing after this fight. He don’t decide that. My coach [Derrick James] does, my team does. Everybody that grinds with me, day in and day out, that’s who decides… Another thing I want to touch on is Oscar saying that we misinterpret what they say. It’s plain English. I didn’t hear anybody speaking any language I don’t know,” Garcia said 

De La Hoya Reacts

And now the Golden Boy promoter has called on Garcia to stay focused for his upcoming fight to avoid becoming unstuck. 

“Bernard and I have spent decades putting on the biggest events in the sport—including Ryan’s last fight which generated $30 million for him. We build champions, help them navigate their careers to the top and make them the highest paid fighters. Ryan: keep focused on your craft instead of listening to some of your ‘team’s’ interpretations of comments taken out of context. Bernard and I will remain committed to taking your career to the top,” De La Hoya said 

Despite earning Garcia the highest payday of his career, it is important to bear in mind the following points. De La Hoya and Hopkins were both absent from his post-fight presser against Gervonta Davis, leaving the fighter to speak to the media alone.

De La Hoya’s Concerns

In addition, that was followed up by Garcia taking legal action against Golden Boy on the grounds that his contract had been breached. The boxer claimed he was allowed to fight on any network via PPV, but when it came to his fight with Davis, he had reportedly been told that it had to be shown on DAZN due to a separate agreement it had with the network. Despite that dissatisfaction, De La Hoya felt that the boxer was in danger of being preoccupied.

“I have to say that I’m really concerned about Ryan Garcia’s state of mind. Considering his history of mental instability his current erratic behavior shows he’s clearly not focused on Saturdays fight. You won’t take my calls, Ryan I hope you’re OK,” De La Hoya revealed  

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