Ryan Garcia Vs. Oscar Duarte Breakdown

December 2, 2023
3 months
Ryan Garcia Vs. Oscar Duarte Breakdown

Ryan Garcia takes on Oscar Duarte on December 2nd, 2023, in a defining moment in the career of both fighters.

Garcia has his first fight under Derrick James after his decision to move up to 140 pounds. This was following the loss to Gervonta Davis at the 136-pound catchweight. All eyes will be on Garcia’s new style. This is due to the need to improve his defensive skills and set up the left hook, which has become such a destructive force. Standing in his way is Duarte. The Mexican has stopped his last 11 opponents. Thus, it shows that he is a knockout artist who carries power in both hands. With that being said, here is a key breakdown of the styles.


One of Garcia’s key weapons is his hand speed. The boxer is known for letting loose with rapid combinations, as he utilizes his height and reach to good effect. While doing so, Garcia has forged a reputation for being a skilled counterpuncher.

The primary way that Garcia achieves this is by allowing his opponents to overcommit themselves, which allows him to land in response. And the left hook has become the main weapon in achieving that. The knockout win of Javier Fortuna, demonstrated the power that Garcia possessed at 140 with that shot.

It is the ability to land the left hook with such speed and unorthodox angles that makes it hard to read. However, in the Gervonta Davis fight, Tank was able to neutralize it by ducking low and attacking the body. However, if Garcia can gauge the distance, he may be able to throw without getting tagged to the body.


As for Duarte, the Mexican is known for having a typical high guard that allows him to close the distance and let off his rapid combinations. The main way that Duarte manages to achieve this is by coming forward with numerous shots to the body and the head.

But in doing so, it does leave Duarte vulnerable to lead hooks. This is critical since the left hook is a key part of Garcia’s arsenal. At the same time, Duarte’s footwork is not the best. The boxer is often found in a squared position, which can result in his weight not being distributed evenly when throwing his rear hand.

That can result in Duarte being out of position after he has engaged. And it is that focus on coming forward with the back foot initially, which could make him vulnerable to a fighter who utilizes footwork and angels.

Elsewhere, Duarte’s high guard is vulnerable to a fighter who has good counterpunching. Garcia does fit that bill. However, he will have to be wary of Duarte’s strengths. He is a pressure fighter who excels in closing the ring off to get in close and let off numerous combinations.

An essential element to that is to target the body, with the aim of slowing down his opponent later down the stretch. Duarte’s ability to take a shot is also critical in achieving that, as he is not afraid to get hit if it can help him throw a combination of his own.

Fighters’ Reaction

“I’m refreshed, renewing myself, honing my skills, that’s what I’m focused on, becoming a champion at 140. I felt like Oscar was the perfect person to come back with. It’s not easy, but I’m not looking for easy fights. I’m 25 already, I’m ready to take on some tough challenges and do it my way to the top,” Garcia

“I’m very hungry. I have great managers. I have their support, and I’m ready to win,” Duarte continued. “I’m very hungry. I’ve been in boxing for fifteen years, and I want to take advantage of this. I’m going to do my best. “The ones that are going to come out victorious are the fans, and I’m going to do my best, and I’m ready to become champion,” Duarte

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