Ryan Garcia Slams Golden Boy’s Bernard Hopkins For Disrespecting Him

November 29, 2023
3 months
Ryan Garcia Slams Golden Boy's Bernard Hopkins For Disrespecting Him

Ryan Garcia has slammed Bernard Hopkins for the disrespect that has been shown towards him. 

Garcia’s relationship with Golden Boy Promotions has not been the best ever since his loss to Gervonta Davis. In the post-fight presser, Garcia was left to face the media alone as Hopkins and Oscar De La Hoya were absent following the first loss of his career.

Thereafter, Garcia entered into a legal battle with Golden Boy Promotions on the grounds that his contract had been breached. Garcia alleged that his agreement allowed him to box on any network on pay-per-view. However, when it came to the Davis fight, Garcia had allegedly been told it would be shown on DAZN due to another agreement Golden Boy had with the network.

Subsequently, some mediation followed in order to resolve the dispute. And yet, it appears that there are still some issues that need resolving as Garcia lashed out at Hopkins after the latter suggested that he would be keeping an eye on Garcia’s fight with Oscar Duarte to see if he will fight under Golden Boy again.

Garcia On Hopkins

“What does he mean, ‘I’ll make the decision? He ain’t gonna make sh!t. He can’t make sh!t about me. The crazy thing is I’mma box my ass off … for a team that don’t even believe in me, but damn they’ll collect that money that I’m making them. They collect that $6 million, though, but you don’t know if I should box again? But you made that money off that [Davis] fight, though. Yeah, shut up. 

“Watch, when I win, I’mma gonna look at them, ‘Bro, don’t even mess with me.’ Don’t even mess with me. I’m so sharp right now, I have no worries that I’m going to look great, amazing. They’ll be like a salty ex, like, ‘f—, I wish I stayed with him. I wish I was nice to him. Why didn’t I speak better to him. Please, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, comeback, baby, come back’—shut up,” Garcia stated

Garcia On Stevenson

Aside from his issues with Golden Boy, Garcia also hit out at Shakur Stevenson. The latter’s stock has fallen massively ever since his performance against Edwin De Los Santos. Despite winning the vacant WBC lightweight title, Stevenson was booed throughout the fight.

His decision to fight off his jab resulted in a fight devoid of action, even if he was hampered by a hand injury, the news of which came out in the aftermath of the fight. In response, Garcia was vocal about Stevenson’s lack of respect towards other fighters, which is why he was keen on facing him to silence him once and for all.

“If he wants it, I’ll beat his a**. I’m tired of him. You talk way too much s***, and when he’s talking s***, he’s talking s***, s***. It’s not like to entertain. He’s taking everything personal. Alright, you want to take it personal, we can take it personal.

“I don’t like to do that, but he’s so arrogant that it’s to the point where I got to whoop his a**. That’s a guy I want to whoop his a**. It’ll be a different motivation. I’m whooping his a** to the point where he can run with me. I’m getting to his a**. If he’s not going to throw no punches, what do I have to worry about?” Garcia stated

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