Shakur Stevenson Wants Zepeda After Devin Haney Ducks Him

March 18, 2024
2 months
Shakur Steveson Wants Zepeda After Devin Haney Ducks Him

Shakur Stevenson wants to fight William Zepeda next.

Stevenson is preparing to defend his WBC Lightweight Title on July 6. He secured the belt after beating Edwin De Los Santos. Stevenson’s performance was booed, given he was fighting on the back foot against De Los Santos. He then announced his retirement only to reverse it, saying he would fight in July.

Shakur’s next opponent has yet to be confirmed, but Zepeda is the target. The Mexican has just beaten Maxi Hughes, stopping him after round four to become mandatory for the WBC, WBA and IBF Lightweight Belts. Zepeda also called out Shakur for a fight.

Zepeda vs Shakur

“That was what we worked on throughout this camp. It’s no secret, just an old-school approach. We target the body and work our way up to the head. We were very pleased with the results tonight. In a perfect world, I want Shakur next.

“I’m ready to answer that call. We’re going to sit down as a team and discuss what’s next for me. But I really feel out of all the champions out there, my style and Shakur’s match up the best. He needs an opponent and July is perfect timing for me to return,” Zepeda said 

Now, Shakur and Bob Arum have expressed their desire to make that fight. 

“How good is Zepeda? I’m excited. Let’s make Stevenson-Zepeda next, please,” Shakur said

“Let Oscar De La Hoya call me, and I’ll get that fight done for July. We have a date, July 6th, the Prudential Center is reserved. We certainly would consider him,” Arum stated 

Haney vs Shakur

If that fight cannot be made, Shakur is even willing to step in the ring with Devin Haney earlier. Stevenson has put himself forward as a replacement for Ryan Garcia after suggestions that Ryan may not be mentally well enough for the fight.

His social media activity and admission that he smokes weed/drinks alcohol have led to concerns over his mental health. So much so that the New York State Athletic Commission has reportedly requested a mental health evaluation from him. Although Garcia has reassured fans that the fight will happen, Shakur is willing to step in.

“Damn, I reached out to Bill, didn’t get a reply, but we would love to step in, especially in NY. We would sell out, and it’s a big fight,” Stevenson stated 

Bill Haney responded, saying Stevenson had nothing to offer, resulting in the boxer firing back. 

“We’re training as if we have a fight with Ryan Garcia. I’m not doing anything to jeopardize that. I can’t negotiate with or accept any offer from anyone. F*** Shakur Stevenson. If [Shakur] wanted to do anything, why bring it to the media?

“I can’t negotiate with [Stevenson]. If he agreed to anything, he’d still have to go back to Bob and J. Prince and ask them. Him getting into my DMs? [Stevenson] had a terrible performance last time. What makes you think we want to fight you? You bring nothing to the table,” Bill Haney revealed 

“So basically, I bring nothing to the table cause of a bad performance, but y’all fought Regis and Loma right after bad performances. Yeah, okay, Bill, you can trick the fans and hide who you are, but you can’t trick me, my guy,” Stevenson replied


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