Arum Hopes To Confront Shakur Stevenson Over His Retirement – ‘I’ll Be Able To Talk A Lot Of Sense To Him’

February 8, 2024
2 months
Arum Hopes To Confront Shakur Stevenson Over His Retirement - 'I’ll Be Able To Talk A Lot Of Sense To Him'

Despite news of his retirement, Bob Arum still sees Shakur Stevenson as making significant strides in the sport. 

Stevenson made the announcement after the WBO had decided to mandate Emanuel Navarrete vs. Denys Berinchyk for the vacant lightweight title. This meant Shakur could not unify, which was a massive blow since he had been targeting a fight with the Mexican. 

That news followed after the performance against Edwin De Los Santos, which was heavily criticised. Shakur’s defensive style was met with boos even if he secured the win. Since Gervonta Davis had no plans on fighting him, nor was Vasily Lomachenko available since he took on George Kambosos Jr. for the vacant IBF belt, Shakur was left frustrated. Arum expects Stevenson to return with a view to getting him the big fights at 140. 

Arum On Stevenson

“He’ll be fine in the years ahead. He’ll be recognized as the great fighter he wants to be, the greatest fighter in the world. Certainly the greatest fighter of his era. You’ve got to talk to him. Not lose your cool, not get angry, but talk him through it.

“I know his manager James Prince is doing that. So, I hope that I’ll be able to talk a lot of sense to Shakur because he is, believe me, a major talent. He made a mistake. He corrected it. Leave him alone. He’s coming to the fight on Thursday, and I’ll have plenty of time to speak with him privately. “We’d love that [fights at 140]. The question is, do they want to fight him?” Arum said 

The big fights at 140 are Devin Haney, Subriel Matias, Ryan Garcia, or Teofimo Lopez. A fight between Haney and Shakur could be made since they had been linked with a fight at 135 pounds. Since Shakur has one fight left under his Top Rank deal, he could sign with DAZN to make that happen. There is also the chance of the Teofimo Lopez fight. He is also with Top Rank, making it much easier to make a fight in-house. Keyshawn Davis and Lopez, both with Top Rank, have had their say on the matter.

Arum Hopes To Confront Shakur Stevenson Over His Retirement - 'I’ll Be Able To Talk A Lot Of Sense To Him'
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Lopez And Davis React

“After that performance, he pulled off and that stunt, Top Rank said, ‘We’re not going to pay you what had last time,’ and he said, ‘F*** this, I’m the best, and I’m going to retire with it. I wish him nothing but success and the best. But you can’t, you got to take the cuts. This is what it takes. They can only build us for so long, and then it comes a point where you hit the elite level,” Lopez said 

“He’s only going to come back for big fights. He’s not going to fight nobody less than a big fight,” Keyshawn said about Shakur. That’s why he was Tweeting back with Ryan [Garcia]. He would love to fight Gervonta Davis, Devin Haney, and maybe even Teofimo. I don’t know. He’s only going to come back for a big fight, but this man has been calling out big fights for years. He hasn’t gotten one yet. So, expect him to be gone for some time,” Keyshawn Davis stated 

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