Ryan Garcia Suffers A Major Setback In His Personal Life

January 7, 2024
3 months
Ryan Garcia Suffers A Major Setback In His Personal Life

Ryan Garcia has had a significant change in his personal life after the news that he is divorcing his wife, Andrea Celina.

The news follows a big change in Garcia’s life inside and outside the ring. He suffered the first loss of his boxing career after being stopped by Gervonta Davis in the seventh round. That was followed up by the decision to hire Derrick James as his new trainer after moving up to 140 pounds. A win over Oscar Duarte followed as he stopped the Mexican in the eighth round.

In the background, Garcia entered into a legal battle with Golden Boy Promotions. He alleged his contract had been breached as De La Hoya clarified that Garcia was still under contract. Since then, Garcia has been spotted with Floyd Mayweather Jr. numerous times. This increased suggestions that he may sign with PBC after reports Garcia’s contract is ending within the year. Now, Garcia’s personal life has changed with the news of his divorce following the birth of his son.

Garcia’s Divorce

“As I step into a new chapter in my life, it’s with a heavy heart to share that Drea and I have decided to divorce. While this decision marks the end of our marriage, it’s important ot emphasize that our relationship as co-parents remains our top priority.

“Throughout our years together, Drea has been an incredible partner and an even more extraordinary mother to our two children. I’m deeply grateful for the years we shared and for her unwavering commitment to our family,” Garcia said 

Garcia’s Next Fight

As for Garcia’s next fight, he has been linked with a fight with Devin Haney. Garcia called him out after the latter’s win over Regis Prograis to get the WBC junior welterweight belt. Both teams are expected to begin negotiations soon, as per Oscar De La Hoya. There are a few key issues which need to be resolved.

There is the question of who is the A-side, given that Garcia’s commercial power must be balanced with Haney’s belts. But if Garcia does end up signing with PBC, the fight may not go ahead. PBC has tended to keep their fights in-house, with their boxers only fighting each other. That would require going over to PBC to make the fight.

“That’s the next fight that we wanna make. Ryan Garcia gave me specific instructions to make this fight and we’re gonna make it. And Haney being the top dog at 140 alongside Teofimo is a tremendous talent. First thing first we gonna start the official negotiations after this fight Saturday and talk to whoever is in charge with Haney and get this fight to happen. I think this fight can easily be made,” De La Hoya stated

Since then, Garcia has had a change of heart. He ruled out a Haney fight as the focus was Rolando Romero.


Garcia has a big 2024 coming up. A first-world title will follow if he can secure a big fight against Romero and emerge victorious. That would cap off a remarkable return from the Gervonta Davis defeat.

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