Gervonta Davis Becomes Muslim; Changes His Name To Abdul Wahid

December 29, 2023
4 months
Gervonta Davis Becomes Muslim; Changes His Name To Abdul Wahid

Gervonta Davis has announced his new name, Abdul Wahid, following his conversion to Islam. 

Reports indicated the boxer converted on ‘Christmas Eve’ with the new name, which translates as ‘Servant of the One.’ The news comes after his recent release from prison for breaking the terms of his house arrest over a hit-and-run incident.

Davis Becomes Muslim

The announcement also comes following the biggest win of his career against Ryan Garcia. Davis follows in the footsteps of some boxing legends, including Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson. Ali changed his name from Cassius Clay, while Tyson adopted the name Malik Abdul Aziz.

Former world champions Dwight Braxton, who became Dwight Muhammad Qawi, and Matthew Saad Muhammad, formerly known as Matthew Franklin, did the same. Devin Haney has also spoken about how his faith has helped his boxing.

He has managed to become the undisputed lightweight champion, which was followed up by a dominant win over Regis Prograis. That made the boxer the new WBC junior welterweight champion as he spoke on the importance of his faith. 

Haney On Becoming Muslim

“Being a Muslim, Islam has matured me. It’s given me discipline me, all through life. It’s given me structure, it’s given me guidance, something to live for and rules to follow. It changed me, my family, everyone around me, my career, everything. I just thank Allah every day for it.”

“Every day I’m just just learning. I do more studying, and read my Quran, and I’m getting deeper into my religion every day. Around the first time I first converted, I wasn’t as serious as I am now. Didn’t know as much as I know now. So every day I’m just getting deeper, and more in-tune with myself and my religion, me and god,” Haney

Davis’ conversion marks a new era in his career. There are question marks over how he will look in the ring. Davis’ personal life outside of the ring has raised many talking points, but the conversion comes in light of other changes outside of the ring.

Davis Gives Back

The boxer indicated his desire to give back to the sport. He recently purchased a nine-house block in his childhood town of Baltimore in the neighbourhood of Sandtown-Winchester. His GTD Development company will renovate the houses and then provide them to the local community.

“I definitely want to thank everybody that was included and helped us make this happen. I feel as though when I was coming up, we didn’t have somebody to be hands-on with us,” Davis

“Tank, when he goes around the world, he literally carries the city of Baltimore on his back. For you to come back, invest in your hometown, invest in your community, and invest in your block — is truly, truly special,” Nick Mosby (City Council President)

This is a new era for Tank Davis as the boxing community waits for his next fight. If his faith gives him an edge, then that can only be good. ‘Find all the latest boxing news and MMA breaking updates on