Oscar De La Hoya Tells Mayweather To Stay Away From Garcia In A Scathing Attack

January 12, 2024
2 months
De La Hoya Tells Mayweather To Stay Away From Garcia In Scathing Attack

Oscar De La Hoya has hit out at Floyd Mayweather, telling him to stay away from Ryan Garcia.

Speculation is increasing that Garcia could sign with Mayweather after Ryan was pictured spending time with the boxer. This came shortly before Garcia withdrew from talks for the Devin Haney fight. This was a massive shift in thinking, given that Garcia had contacted Haney to get the negotiations underway. Garcia called the decision the better business move since it would earn a bigger purse for a less risky fight. De La Hoya has now responded by confirming that he will make Romero vs. Garcia by telling Mayweather to stay out of his business.

De La Hoya Attacks Mayweather

“Pre run with Floyd = Ryan wants Haney. Post run with Floyd = Ryan wants Rolly. Golden Boy has worked with Ryan Garcia since he turned pro and together have made him the biggest draw in boxing. We will make his fight with Rolly into a huge event, as we always do. Floyd, if you want to give Ryan the secret to defense in the ring, that’s great. Other than that, if you are still a promoter like it says here, f— off,” De La Hoya said 

De La Hoya Tells Mayweather To Stay Away From Garcia In Scathing Attack
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Despite this, Garcia’s future with Golden Boy hangs in the balance. Ryan is in a legal tussle with Golden Boy after claiming his contract had been breached. Golden Boy responded by issuing a lawsuit, making Garcia honor his contract. Garcia’s team then filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit, with both sides waiting to hear the outcome.

Mayweather has expressed his desire to sign Garcia in the past. He saw first-hand the numbers he could generate when he helped put on the biggest boxing show in 2023 against Gervonta Davis. The fight sold over 1.2 million PPVs, making it the highest-grossing event in 2023. The fight also earned Garcia $30 million in the process.

Mayweather Signing Garcia

“I’m not looking to sign Ryan, but if he wants to sign and he’s free, I’d sign him. If I’m not mistaken, he’s under contract. Hypothetically, if Ryan Garcia gets free, will Ryan Garcia be with Mayweather Promotions or PBC? Absolutely. It’s only if he’s free. Who don’t want to work with the best?

“There was no titles on the line, but they made great money, and nobody had to pay sanctioning fees. They can say whatever they want to say, but nobody is more knowledgeable about the sport of boxing than me, and nobody has been to the highest level in PPV. You look at the numbers; it’s crazy. There are levels to this, but I respect everybody’s level,” Mayweather said 

There is the question of whether Mayweather’s tactics with Garcia had crossed the line in meeting him. De La Hoya has mentioned promoters being sued for tapping up fighters. There is nothing to suggest that this had happened, but Garcia did express his admiration for Mayweather, going so far as to call him his mentor, leaving De La Hoya with plenty to consider.

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