Malignaggi Backs Benavidez To Beat Canelo – ‘He Gets Hammered, Beaten Like A Rag Doll’

March 24, 2024
3 weeks
Malignaggi Backs Benavidez To Beat Canelo - 'He Gets Hammered, Beaten Like A Rag Doll'

Paulie Malignaggi has said David Benavidez will punish Canelo Alvarez in a fight.

Much has been said about Canelo following his decision to fight Jaime Munguia on May 4. The move was seen as a way to avoid Benavidez, especially since Canelo backtracked on his previous comments not to fight Mexicans to take the perceived easier bout with Munguia. Alvarez later clarified his decision, saying he would face Benavidez if he was paid $150-200 million.

The request was interpreted as a way to price himself out. Benavidez was not best pleased, asking Turki Alalshikh to make the fight. While Saudi Arabia does have those funds, it appears they want Benavidez to face the winner of Dmitry Bivol vs Artur Beterbiev at 175.

That makes a Canelo-Benavidez fight much harder. The Mexican Monster may struggle to move back down to 168. Malignaggi has previously called Canelo out, saying it is the biggest duck in boxing. He has followed up on those comments by backing Benavidez to dominate the fight.

Malignaggi Reacts

“If Canelo doesn’t fight Benavidez, is this the biggest duck in boxing history? You are a champion, and he is the bonified #1 contender, and you even got a guy like Munguia and Morrell, who are dangerous as well. You’re talking about the biggest duck in boxing history. This is in your same weight class, and you are the champion. Is Benavidez being ducked more blatantly than that? I think he is at this point,”  Malignaggi said 

“It’s not that important for me to watch Canelo get beaten like a rag doll. I think he gets hammered. I don’t think [Canelo’s] going to fight [Benavidez]. That’s an outright duck. [Benavidez] runs him over like a train. He might as well do it for $150 million. Why do we have to care more [about that] than Canelo?” Malignaggi stated 

If the fight were to be made, the following obstacles would need to be overcome. Benavidez is the much bigger super middleweight. He does rehydrate to around 20 pounds on the night of his fights, making him much bigger than Canelo.

Benavidez’s Options

A rehydration clause may need to be put in if they were to face off. In addition, Benavidez has spoken about moving up to 175. There is a feeling that if the fight happens after Benavidez goes up to 175, he will become depleted on his way back down to 168. But Jose Benavidez Sr. was open to his son taking a clause to make the fight.

“We’re willing to do anything in order to make the fight. The fight can be made easy so that Canelo can make his payday. Maybe next time we try and make the fight, I’ll give him a dozen roses along with an invitation to make the fight. You hear Canelo say David brings nothing to the table and he goes and fights Munguia. David has proven more than Munguia. Canelo knows Munguia brings less danger to the fight and it’s an easy fight for him,” Jose Benavidez Sr. stated


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