Turki Alalshikh Says No To Canelo vs Benavidez – ‘Turki Now Runs Boxing’

March 24, 2024
3 months
 Turki Alalshikh Says No To Canelo vs Benavidez - 'Turki Now Tuns Boxing'

Canelo Alvarez has priced himself out of the David Benavidez fight. 

Following his kick-off presser for the Jaime Munguia fight, Canelo was asked about fighting the Mexican Monster. He initially stated that Benavidez did not bring anything to the table and that there were no offers for a fight. While that may have been the case, he was open to facing Benavidez if the money was put up. He requested $150-200 million to make the fight. Benavidez responded, accusing Alvarez of ducking him by trying to put additional hurdles on the fight. 

“You know he he brings he bring nothing to the table for me; just he brings just 25 pounds more in the night the the fight…but if he if if some promoter, not him, because he’s nothing to offer me…but I one promoter who I work to they come and say I offer to I offer to you 150 to 200 million. I fight tomorrow…that’s the only that’s the only reason I fight with him” Canelo said 

“Canelo, if I have nothing to offer, then why are you demanding that you get 150-200 million to fight someone who isn’t worth anything? Hopefully, after you make that 150 million, you have enough left over to buy a pair of nuts,” Benavidez stated

Benavidez Reacts

Only Saudi Arabia is capable of providing a purse that big. They have shown this by making the Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk fight. The fight was agreed upon by giving the boxers a fixed-guarantee without considering purse splits. Alvarez may be looking for a similar deal, with Benavidez behind the idea of fighting in Saudi Arabia. The super middleweight pleaded with Turki Alalshikh to make the Canelo fight. 

“Let’s bring the biggest and most exciting fight to Saudi Arabia. This will be the biggest Mexican vs Mexican-American fight in the history of boxing, and what better place to do it than the Kingdom, for the entire world to see? This fight is for pride and glory.

“I fight for greatness, not money. If I do not beat Canelo, I will donate my entire purse to any kids charity of your liking. When I do beat Canelo, I will be donating a huge amount of that purse to benefit children[s] hunger across the world. I’m a champion of the people and will continue to fight the best! I stand by my words,” Benavidez said 

Turki Alalshikh Responds

Despite that, the fight appears unlikely. Reports indicate that Saudi Arabia wants to make the winner of Dmitry Bivol vs Artur Beterbiev face Benavidez. Bivol and Betebiev will face off on June 1 for the right to become the Undisputed Light Heavyweight Champion of the World.

“Told that His Excellency Turki Alalshikh wants to make a fight between David Benavidez and the winner of Dmitry Bivol vs Artur Beterbiev in December. He believes this is more practical than Canelo Alvarez vs Benavidez. Bivol vs Beterbiev on June 1st has a rematch clause, but Alalshikh would be open to having Benavidez face the winner in between their two fights,” Michael Benson said

If that fight goes ahead, Benavidez will move up to 175, making it much harder to come back down to face Canelo.


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