Charlo Won’t Be The Same After Losing To Canelo – Says Paulie Malignaggi

November 15, 2023
7 months

In some recent boxing news, Paulie Malignaggi no longer feels that Jermell Charlo will be the same fighter following his loss to Canelo Alvarez.

The Mexican dominated the American to win by a unanimous decision in a fight where Charlo was looking to avoid facing any extensive damage.

This was summed up in the seventh round when the American was dropped only to retreat on the outside, which he had done so for the majority of the fight. 

Although that may be the case, going back down to 154 may not be so easy. The weight cut will understandably be difficult, given the need to shed 14 pounds.

In addition, fighters have shown in the past that it is not so easy to come back down in weight. After Roy Jones Jr. beat John Ruiz to win the WBA heavyweight title, the move back down to lightweight meant that he was no longer the same fighter. 

The same was also the case for Oscar De La Hoya who had dropped back down to 145 pounds in order to face Manny Pacquiao.

That would be the last fight of his career as he retired on the stool. And for Malignaggi, he felt that something similar could happen to the American.  

Malignaggi On Charlo

“I’ll tell you what. That also told me something else too. The lack of hunger displayed by Jermell also tells me that I don’t think he’s going to be the same, even at 154 pounds. Listen, there are some hungry guys at 154, like Tim Tszyu. Crawford, even at his advanced age, is still looking like a hungry fighter. There are those kinds of fighters where no matter what kind of money they make, they’re hungry for that greatness. It’s very rare,” Malignaggi stated 

This is understandable since the fighter has expressed his desire to fight for the biggest possible purses possible. That will naturally detract away from the need to take challenges, given that Charlo has already conquered the 154-pound division.

In addition, the incentive to face fighters like Tim Tszyu may not be there. And yet, Malignaggi recognised that towards the end of his career, Charlo would want to make the most money. 

“He got the biggest check of his career, and after the fight, instead of sounding at least a little bit disappointed, he was calling out Terence Crawford. So you’re just looking for another check,” Malignaggi 

Charlo On The Future

Nevertheless, Charlo didn’t appear fazed by the need to go back down to 154 pounds. The American vowed to make the weight easy, while also recognizing that he may have to take on fighters that were not necessarily on the top of his list as long as his corner was in agreement. 

“I’m going back to down to 154. So, that’s gonna be major. I can do it. Yeah, I can make the weight easy. I just follow the plans and fight whoever. Obviously, we can see [that]. It’s about being great and being a legend in boxing. Hopefully, y’all put me in the Hall of Fame. I don’t know who controls that, but I deserve it. And possibly I’ll come back at 154. I’ll just, you know, listen to my coaches and if Tim Tszyu next, then I’m on it,” Charlo

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