KSI Looks Back At Conor McGregor’s Awkward Call Out

November 15, 2023
4 months

KSI has mocked Conor McGregor’s appearance at Anthony Joshua’s fight against Robert Helenius. 

The ‘Notorious’ had been there to support Joshua, as well as taking the time to promote his new beverage, ‘Forged Irish Stout.’ During the course of that process, McGregor arrived into the arena with boxer, Ebanie Bridges.

And as they sat ringside, Joshua joined McGregor after stopping Helenius in the seventh round to take a sip of his drink.

However, McGregor also directed his attention towards KSI. The MMA fighter entered the ring and called out the Youtuber for a bare knuckle fight.

“I know your man KSI is in the crowd, yeah? And he couldn’t box eggs if he worked in an egg boxing factory,” McGregor exclaimed. “So if he wants to get in here, I’ll give him a final — bareknuckle, if he wants, ” McGregor stated 

Thereafter, even Joshua had to make sure that nothing had escalated. And now KSI has looked back at that in poor taste. 

KSI On McGregor

“It was pretty weird if I’m being honest. I think I had heard Conor saying that I can’t box and this and that, it was pretty embarrassing for him because AJ was like ‘nah nah, that’s my guy’ so he looked a little bit stupid there. “But with Conor, clearly I think he wants a bite at the cherry, he wants a piece of the king and he understands that this right here is where the money is at. Everyone is a normal person at the end of the day, same as me just a normal guy and I treat everyone the same. Just because he’s Conor McGregor doesn’t mean anything to me,” KSI

The call out did take KSI by surprise. The ‘Notorious’ has not been in a fight in any form since his loss to Dustin Poirier in 2021. After the fight, it became clear that McGregor had broken his leg.

And after having undergone surgery, his intention was to face Michael Chandler. However, the failure to enrol in USADA prevented that from happening.

And yet, McGregor has continued to call out other fighters, including Justin Gaethje (for his BMF belt) and Sean Strickland for his middleweight belt.

McGregor’s Future

But in reality McGregor is far away from those fights as his status as a cash cow is under question. The emergence of Sean O’Malley has drawn comparisons with a prime McGregor.

However, the major difference is that O’Malley is doing his talking in the cage. And that cannot be denied. So moving forward, a fight with KSI could only make sense if he was looking to no longer fight in MMA as this does nothing for his legacy. 

After all, he is not short of money. The ‘Notorious’ earned a reported $100 million after fighting Floyd Mayweather, which is why the motivation must be questioned.

Either way, McGregor continues to make headlines, despite his absence from the cage. You can stay up-to-date with the latest happenings in the world of boxing and MMA by visiting boxingblitz right here.