White Praises Sean Strickland, The Latter Slams ‘Con Artist’ Andrew Tate

November 15, 2023
4 months

Dana White has praised Sean Strickland following his win over Israel Adesanya at UFC 293. 

The American secured a major upset to beat Izzy via a unanimous decision to win the UFC middleweight title. In the aftermath of the win, Strickland downplayed his achievements as he set his eyes on the next goal.

So much so that he even revealed that he had broken his UFC belt only to then fix it with some duct tape. And it appears that Strickland’s colorful personality is winning him many plaudits including from White himself. 

White On Strickland

“Nobody gave a sh*t about Strickland a week ago, and now he’s hot as can be. That’s the thing with this sport. First of all, in boxing, when a guy who’s a 7-to-1 underdog is fighting, he loses every time. The 7-to-1 dog loses every time. Not in [MMA]. Anything is possible in this sport. Last week [with] Strickland, everybody was like, ‘Oh, this fight sucks. This is bulls**t.’ Now everybody’s swinging on him, you know what I mean, and he’s the man,” White

And with that, Sean has been using his bigger platform to call out people, specifically Andrew Tate. The latter is a former four-time kickboxing world champion, who has now become one of the most talked-about influencers on the internet.

However, accusations over human trafficking as well as previous disclosures over running a webcam business have not gone down well with Strickland. The middleweight champion questioned Tate as a role model for the next generation of men. 

Strickland On Tate

“Andrew Tate is a con artist…To see the way he talked with no remorse, it wasn’t, ‘You know what, man? I did something so morally wrong. I took advantage of men, I took money from men,’ it was like, ‘No, f**k them. I’m a con artist, I’m a piece of s**t.’ So, Andrew Tate, you guys, if you want to look up to a guy, look up to a guy like Jordan Peterson. He understands masculinity, honesty, how to be a f*****g man, but I’m telling you, Andrew Tate, he’s not your messiah. He would turn you out for a dollar. He’s a f*****g pimp, he’s a w***e,” Strickland

Regardless of what you may think about Sean, his popularity is growing. And there is no getting away from that. You can stay up-to-date with the latest happenings in the world of boxing and MMA by visiting boxingblitz right here.