WBC Rejects Amanda Serrano’s Request For 12 Three-Minute Rounds

December 7, 2023
3 months
WBC Rejects Amanda Serrano's Request For 12 Three-Minute Rounds

The WBC has defended its decision not to sanction Amanda Serrano’s last fight under men’s boxing rules, which caused the fighter to then vacate her belt in protest.

In her last fight against Danila Ramos, Serrano defended her WBO, WBA, and IBF belts on her way to a unanimous-decision win. However, the failure to put her WBC on the line was due to the fact they did not allow her to fight under 12 three-minute rounds. After her win over Ramos, Serrano confirmed that she wanted to fight under men’s rules after having experienced it in the fight with Ramos. The failure of the WBC to respond in kind forced her to act.

Serrano Reacts

“I am the first undisputed female champion to fight 12×3 minute rounds. Moving forward, if a sanctioning body doesn’t want to give me and my fellow fighters the choice to fight the same as the men, then I will not be fighting for that sanctioning body. The WBC has refused to evolve the sport for equality.

“So, I am relinquishing their title…Thank You to the sanctioning bodies who have evolved for equality. If you want to face me in the ring, you have a choice. I’ve made mine. Thank you to all of my fellow fighters who have stood with me. [And] thank you to my team. Thank you to my fans. And above all, thank you God. I’m blessed,” Serrano said

Thereafter, there were question marks over how the WBC would react. The failure to heed the warning could result in other fighters doing the same. After all, Mikaela Mayer has indicated her desire to face Natasha Jonas in her next fight under men’s rules. At the same time, if the WBC did backtrack on their comments, it could give fighters more power, resulting in other demands later down the line. However, the WBC has stood by its decision.

WBC Reacts

“We made a strong commitment for safety. We ratified everything that we have studied. Whoever wants to try challenging risks, it cannot be within the WBC structure. Perhaps it’s a coincidence, it came naturally but the two-minute rounds create huge action, great emotions. The risk with fighting for more time, you become more dehydrated and also tired and that is very dangerous. We love the two-minute rounds, especially for protection and safety but also it’s a great spectacle.” WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman stated

Nevertheless, WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman did not rule out any changes moving forward. He expanded on how there could be ten two-minute rounds being trialled in men’s boxing moving forward. That would allow the organization to see if there could be a way to get some parity with men and women’s boxing. Although there is nothing concrete in that regard, it appears that plans are in place. The following comments confirmed as much.

“We’re even looking into maybe doing a pilot test or something for men fighting two-minute rounds. It will be very interesting,” Sulaiman said

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