Garcia Says He Is Suing VADA, Wants McGregor In A Bareknuckle Fight – ‘War On McGregor’

May 4, 2024
1 month
Garcia Says He Is Suing VADA, Wants McGregor In A Bareknuckle Fight- 'War On McGregor'

Ryan Garcia has called out Conor McGregor for a bare-knuckle fight following the Irishman’s comments about his failed VADA tests, as he plans on suing the testing organization. 

Garcia’s win over Haney has now been questioned after he tested positive for Ostarine. His urine samples on April 19 and on the fight date, April 20, showed the banned substance. Ostarine can help burn fat and increase stamina and power. There are also reports Garcia may have the anabolic-androgenic steroid 19-Norandrosterone in his system.

But this requires further testing before an announcement is made. Garcia maintains his innocence as he faces a fight to clear his name. He has called it fake news and ruled out a rematch with Haney. But if he is found guilty, Garcia could be banned and receive a fine. There is also a chance the result is declared a no-contest. McGregor demanded that Garcia be given a lifetime ban, which resulted in Garcia’s response. 

Garcia vs McGregor

“Cheated the weight and was juiced, lifetime ban. Sad to see, sad to say. Sad and a bit sick. Don’t come near me if I see you ever Ryan Garcia. I am actually disgusted. This Ostarine it reminds me of Sean o malley was on that as well. I don’t like this, I’ll bust yous both up, do yous want a spar I will set flights right now for you both for a full on spar each.

“Hotel, black forge inn the lot. #letssparomalley and #garcia two little ostarine heads I’ll ride you both like yous are ostriches…What do you think you are at ? If I was Haney’s dad you’re dead no matter what for doing that. Crazy…You little fool. Get your head together cos I gonna smash it in with elbows if you don’t. Fair play Devin well done. Your performance has just become even more heroic! Bravo,” McGregor stated

“If I see Connor McGregor, I’m going to break your weak…ankle. You ran from being tested bc you were on Roids. Roadhouse or ROIDRAGE FUDGE CONNOR CACA BRAIN. Bare-knuckle. Let’s…go, CONNOR Winner gets your trash…whiskey brand. It’s war on the McGregors,” Garcia replied

Davis vs Hearn

And yet, Garcia has had some support. Eddie Hearn and Gervonta Davis fired verbal shots at each other following Garcia’s failed VADA tests. Davis lept to Garcia’s defence, saying he had been set up, as he blamed Hearn. Hearn has been in the crossfire over failed tests when Conor Benn tested positive for Clomiphene.

The lack of transparency towards the public has caused Benn to receive backlash. Benn first stated it was contamination. However, he did not prove that, with reports his latest defense is based on jurisdiction: the question of whether UKAD could enforce VADA findings. 

Benn’s legal case is still ongoing. Hearn has been criticized for his defense of Benn, who failed two VADA tests, with Davis now accusing Hearn of somehow being involved in Garcia’s findings. Davis stated that Garcia was clean when he boxed him, giving no reason why he would take PEDs to face a non-puncher in Haney. Davis and Hearn fired personal insults at each other over it. 

Davis’ comments could simply be done to promote his upcoming fight with Frank Martin. Davis defends his WBA Lightweight Title on June 15. The current noise around Garcia has made him an even bigger name. Since Davis has not boxed since stopping Garcia last year, his popularity will have diminished somewhat. If Garcia is cleared, there is always the chance of a huge rematch with Tank Davis. But for now, the ball is in Garcia’s court to prove his innocence. 


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