Ennis’ Father Wants Crawford – ‘We Stay Available’

January 22, 2024
3 months
Ennis’ Father Wants Crawford - 'We Stay Available'

Jaron Ennis’ trainer and father, Bozy Ennis, has urged Terence Crawford to make the fight happen.

Crawford and Ennis have been linked with a bout ever since Boots became the IBF Welterweight Champion. He was elevated from interim status to the full champion after Crawford was stripped for not fighting him. But this was not possible since Crawford had a rematch with Spence.

The Truth activated the rematch clause following his knockout loss to Crawford. Bud stopped Spence to become the first Undisputed Welterweight Champion of the four-belt era. The rematch never got made as Crawford moved on after Spence’s suggestion that his vision problems were the reason why he was hit by Bud so many times. Now that this is the case, Bozy wants Bud to face his son.

Ennis Vs. Crawford

“We stay available. We available for everybody. I know what Terence is gonna do. Terence is gonna find the next best fighter that he can make a lot of money with. That’s what I would do,” Bozy said 

The fight is unlikely since Crawford has nothing else to prove at 147. His main aim is to become a three-weight undisputed champion. He could pursue that goal at 154 pounds or face Canelo Alvarez at 168 pounds.

Facing Ennis is a big risk when there is no need to do so since Ennis did not have a big-name win. Ennis would be better off facing Spence if the latter was still looking for big fights and did not mind staying at 147.

Ennis’ Father Wants Crawford - 'We Stay Available'
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Crawford’s Trainer

Just as Crawford achieved big things, so did his trainer, Brian McIntyre. Bomac won the Ring Magazine Trainer of the Year award for helping Bud become the first Undisputed Welterweight Champion of the four-belt era. Bomac also masterminded Chris Eubank Jr.’s knockout win over Liam Smith.

Eubank was stopped in their first fight in the fourth round with serious question marks over whether his time in the sport was up if he lost the rematch. Eubank managed to stop Smith in the rematch, with Bomac being praised for his performance since he took on Roy Jones Jr.’s role.

But it all took a turn for the worse when British authorities took in Bomac for having a weapon in his luggage at Manchester Airport as he left England following the Eubank-Smith fight. After getting out of that legal issue, Bomac looked back at his award with a new perspective.

“I think cuz I went to jail [that’s why I was praised]. I think cuz I went to jail, my name just—it was Crawford’s win, then Eubank’s win, then [my going] to jail. If I wouldn’t have went to jail they would’ve been like ‘oh, that’s BoMac’. I really do think so. …That’s just my opinion but we did have a good year…I just think that maybe the name popped a little bit more. It’s not Bomac, it’s the team, like B&B,” Bomac stated 

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